Board Member Spotlight – Lauren Schaefer, Director of Web

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If you are reading this, you know that we have updated our website! While the site is still in progress and evolving, it is light years better than our old one, and a big reason is Lauren Schaefer.

Lauren Schaefer has been working for over nine months to get our new website ready. As many of you know from similar experiences, this initiative has a lot of moving parts, including gathering user feedback (we live and breathe UX after all!), reviewing content, designing changes, developing an entirely new site in WordPress, migrating all member information, and the list goes on.

Lauren did all this in her role as a volunteer on our BOD on top of her full-time job and family responsibilities

Did she have help? Of course, we are a team and we relied on our entire Board, as well as our other wonderful volunteers to help as we do with so many of our UXPA initiatives.  However, the lion’s share of the work fell on Lauren, and for that we are grateful. 

Thank you Lauren!!

PS. A big thank you also to Rajesh Kalidindi for setting the groundwork of this new site during his term on the Board as Web Director and to Chris Raudabaugh whose agency Evidia was contracted to help develop our new site.

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