The UXPA International mentorship program promotes learning partnerships among professionals in the UX field as well as those getting started in the field. We aim to match (as best we can) UX professionals based on various criteria such as their career development goals and area of expertise.

The first 2020 cohort for this program was from Feb-Apr 2020. The second cohort is June-Aug 2020. To participate, mentors and mentees must submit their applications by May 29, 2020. Completing this form does not guarantee that you will be matched. In the event that we do not have enough mentors or mentees, you may be added to a waitlist for the next cohort. Pairs are expected to have online meetings every other week: June 1 – Aug 31, 2020.

Requirements for mentors:

  • Minimum of 5 years experience in the UX field
  • Minimum availability of one hour per week (or 4 hours per month).

Mentees must be UXPA International members. To become a member, visit the membership page

Want a mentor? Complete this Mentee form.

Interested in becoming a mentor? Complete this Mentor form.

The first cohort was March to May, 2019, and it was a great success! 111 mentees were matched with 83 mentors, and some of those relationships have continued beyond the program! For more information about the program, including survey results and the impact on UXPA, see the summary report.

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