Board of Directors

Past Presidents and Board Members

Current Board Members

Sara Mastro (photo)

President & Dir of Marketing & Communications

Sara Mastro
Director of UX & Product Management, Perceptronics
(2019–2021, Board Member since 2016)
Connect @SaraLMastro or via LinkedIn

Jana (Photo)

Vice President & Dir of Partnerships

Janaina Pantoja
Design Research Lead, eBay
(2019–2021, Board Member since 2017)
Connect @JanaPantoja or via LinkedIn

Shane McWhorter

Director of Finance and Treasurer

Shane McWhorter, Ph.D.
Executive Director of User Experience Strategy & Design
Connect via @uxphd or LinkedIn

Claudia (Photo)

Director of Publications

Claudia Gutierrez
Digital Director & Professor, Universidad Católica de Chile
(2019–2021, Board Member since 2016)
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Jack Holmes

Director of Web & UXPA International 2020 Conference Chair

Jack Holmes
Independent UX research & designer, UK

(2020–2022, Co-Chair since 2018)
Connect @imJackH or via LinkedIn

 Alain Robillard-Bastien (photo)

Director of Volunteers

Alain Robillard-Bastien
Associate, Ergoweb Canada
Connect @ARBastien or via LinkedIn

Kendell Warner (Photo)

Director of Chapters

Kendell Warner
Sr. Product Designer at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
(2019–2021, Board Member since 2017)
Connect @KendellW or via LinkedIn

Director of Education

Carmen McDonald
Product Design Lead, CDW
Connect @DTechChicago or via LinkedIn

Marta Sylvia (Photo)

Regional Director – Latin America

Marta Sylvia del Rio
Computer Science Professor, University of Monterrey
Connect @MaidelRio or via LinkedIn

Michael Bechinie (Photo)

Regional Director – Europe, the Middle East, & Africa (EMEA)

Michael Bechinie
User Experience Architect at s IT Solutions
Connect @BeemCog or via LinkedIn

UXPA International Staff

Rich (Photo)

Executive Director

Rich Gunther
Manager of UX, Ultimate Software  |  Principal, Ovo Studios, LLC
Connect via LinkedIn

Project Manager

Jennifer Ferrell
Connect via LinkedIn

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