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UXPA International webinars are online events covering a range of UX and research topics delivered by some of the industry’s leading professionals. For the best experience, join our live webinars to interact with presenters and ask questions in real-time. Can’t make a live event? No worries, catch up any time by visiting our webinar library, there you can access all of our free, recorded webinars.

We’re excited to announce our latest webinars

  • July 31 – Inclusive Design: Beyond Accessibility – Taryn Sanks and Mareika Phillips
  • August 12 – Inclusive Research: Applying UX and qualitative research methods to meet the needs of individuals with limited health literacy skills – Nakeva Redmond, Brittany Linton and Kerrie Kauer
  • September 9 – Planeando el diseño de productos digitales – Daniela Manjarrez 

Inclusive Design: Beyond Accessibility

 In the health sector in particular, it’s crucial that our technology is “healthy” – that it’s doing good for our patients and clients… and for society. We believe that healthy design must be inclusive for populations with limited health literacy. In this webinar, we’ll propose 4 characteristics of inclusive technology and share specific examples from our work. We will discuss how we are using an inclusive design approach to maximize the potential to build a more socially and economically just and healthy world. 

Meet the presenters: Taryn Sanks and Mareika Phillips

Taryn Sanks is an experienced researcher who uses a human-centered design approach to solve complex usability problems. She excels at integrating qualitative and quantitative methods to inform the development of useful, intuitive products. Taryn approaches research and health communication challenges with rigor, developing innovative solutions that meet end user needs as well as client goals.

Mareika Phillips is a skilled graphic designer who leads teams in developing creative design solutions to make health information engaging and accessible. She excels at setting design strategy for large-scale projects and overseeing implementation across products. Her visual solutions are always innovative — a reflection of her passion for aesthetics balanced with sharp, strategic insight.

  • Date: Friday July 31 2020
  • Time: Noon ET/11am CT/9am PT

Inclusive Research: Applying UX and qualitative research methods to meet the needs of individuals with limited health literacy skills

We struggle with complex health information. Given that 9 out of 10 individuals have limited health literacy, and many people are using and relying on digital products to meet their health needs, research with low health literacy and vulnerable populations is important to ensure we are creating products and services that are inclusive and helpful for everyone. In this webinar, we will discuss the challenges and successes of doing research with low literacy participants from recruitment to data analysis. Additionally, we will discuss how we use a human-centered design approach in conjunction with more traditional qualitative methods to ensure our research strategy works to design products and messages that lead to healthy behavior change.

Meet the presenters: Nakeva Redmond, Brittany Linton and Kerrie Kauer

Nakeva Redmond, MPH is a seasoned public health professional and masterful research manager. She oversees a large portfolio of mixed-method studies, drawing on health literacy and usability best practices to guide product recommendations. Nakeva’s sharp instincts help her solve tricky UX research problems — and her warm demeanor helps study participants and research team staff always feel at ease.

Kerrie Kauer, PhD is a seasoned researcher specializing in ethnographic and user experience methods to help solve structural and systemic issues related to health and wellness. She is also certified design-thinking facilitator who engages with participants and stakeholders alike to collaboratively solve some of our worlds most complex issues related to health behavior and health communication. With more than 20 years of research experience in academia and business, Kerrie brings a wealth of knowledge and strategic insight into all of her projects.

Brittany Linton is a UX researcher who specializes in studying mental models and using data to solve complex problems. With experience in public health, journalism, education, and fashion retail, Brittany blends a human-centered design approach with a deep knowledge of UX best practices and a keen sense of empathy, conducting UX research to ensure communication products are clear and easy to use.

  • Date: Wednesday August 12 2020
  • Time: Noon ET/11am CT/9am PT

Planeando el diseño de productos digitales

Alguna vez te has encontrado dentro de un proyecto de diseño o investigación y te has hecho preguntas como ¿qué tipo de workshop debería preparar?, ¿qué es lo que realmente necesita mi cliente?, o ¿Necesito realizar algún tipo de investigación en esta etapa?
Si has respondido que sí a alguna de estas preguntas, esta plática es para ti. Te enseñaré algunos tips y recomendaciones para que la planeación del diseño e investigación de nuestros productos digitales sea satisfactoria para las necesidades del cliente, de nuestros usuarios y del mercado.

Daniela Manjarrez 

Daniela Manjarrez

Actualmente trabaja dentro del equipo de ‘Digital Engineering’ de Fannie Mae en Plano, Texas. 
Elabora mapas de experiencias de los usuarios en sistemas como creación de APIs, portales para desarrolladores, kits de Angular, entre otras. Trabajó en Usaria alrededor de 6-7 años en el área de UX e Investigación de usuarios. Además cuenta con algunos cursos y diplomados dentro de Aprende UX.

  • Date: Wednesday September 9th 2020
  • Time: 10:00 am México Bogotá Perú | 12:00 pm Chile Argentina | 11:00 Puerto Rico | 5:00 pm España
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