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UXPA International webinars are online events covering a range of UX and research topics delivered by some of the industry’s leading professionals. For the best experience, join our live webinars to interact with presenters and ask questions in real-time. Can’t make a live event? No worries, catch up any time by visiting our webinar library, there you can access all of our free, recorded webinars.

We’re excited to announce our latest webinars

  • February 24 – Surveys that Work: An Introduction to the Survey Octopus and Total Survey Error
  • 2 de Março 2021 – Diário de Uso: quando usar e como maximizar o seu uso na pesquisa com usuários

Surveys that Work: An Introduction to the Survey Octopus and Total Survey Error

Many of us receive multiple requests to complete surveys every day. Some of us find that colleagues or clients think of ‘doing a survey’ as the same as ‘doing some research’ – which may explain why organizations send out so many survey requests.

In this webinar, you’ll meet the Survey Octopus, Caroline Jarrett’s friendly way of talking about the many issues that make surveys one of the most challenging research methods. 

The Survey Octopus will help you to:

  • Explain to colleagues that a survey may not be the first research method to try
  • Help to justify a choice to work with a “non significant” number of responses
  • Think about the steps that go into delivering a survey that works

As a bonus, Caroline will also explain how her Survey Octopus maps into the Total Survey Error concept that underpins the work of many survey methodologists.

Caroline Jarrett 

Caroline started her business, Effortmark Limited, when she discovered usability and realized that all along she’d been much more interested in what computers are for than in how they are put together.

She became fascinated with the problem of getting accurate answers from users when she was consulting with HM Revenue and Customs (the UK tax authority) on how to deal with large volumes of tax forms. She is the acknowledged expert in forms design, and is co-author of Forms that Work: Designing Web Forms for Usability. Since 2013 she has worked on the UK Government Digital Service manual and design system, the UK National Health Service digital service manual, and the Australian government style manual.

Her interest in surveys began when she discovered that academics tend to frame the challenge of getting accurate answers from users as a problem in survey methodology rather than forms design. She has been writing and presenting on survey design since 2002. Her long-awaited book Surveys that work: A Practical Guide for Designing Better Surveys  is now in production and will be available later in 2021.

Caroline is currently working mostly with the UK Department of the Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs on the Future Farming and Countryside programme where she is part of the co-design team.

  • Date: February 24, 2021
  • Time: 12 pm Eastern | 11 am Central | 9am Pacific

Diário de Uso: quando usar e como maximizar o seu uso na pesquisa com usuários

O diário de uso é um método usado em pesquisa de experiência do usuário. Ele não é simplesmente um registro de atividades por um determinado período de tempo. Ele é uma contínua conversa entre participantes e pesquisadores. A qualidade dessa conversa determina a qualidade dos dados coletados durante o estudo. Esse método demanda um bom planejamento e estratégia. Nesse webinário, você aprenderá como otimizar os seus diários de uso e os principais passos para garantir que comportamentos sejam observados e entendidos ao longo do tempo da pesquisa.

Janina Pantoja

Janaina Pantoja é doutora em neurociência pela universidade Duke, na Carolina do Norte, e atualmente lidera a pesquisa do usuário realizada em um dos times do eBay, em San Francisco, Califórnia. Com experiência em áreas como ecommerce, seguro e publicações, Janaina usa métodos qualitativos e quantitativos para entender comportamentos, decisões e objetivos de usuários. Ela também é a vice-presidente da UXPA Internacional. 

  • Date: 2 de Março 2021 – 14 hrs (horário de Brasília)
  • Time: 2 pm Eastern | 1 pm Central | 11am Pacific

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