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UXPA International webinars are online events covering a range of UX and research topics delivered by some of the industry’s leading professionals. For the best experience, join our live webinars to interact with presenters and ask questions in real-time. Can’t make a live event? No worries, catch up any time by visiting our webinar library, there you can access all of our free, recorded webinars.

We’re excited to announce our latest webinars

  • July 17 – Effective personas to inform strategy with “Jobs to be Done” framework – Swapnali Thakar
  • September 9 – Planeando el diseño de productos digitales – Daniela Manjarrez 

Effective personas to inform strategy with “Jobs to be Done” framework

How to create effective personas using Jobs to be Done so as to inform meaningful discussions around strategic choices – for business, product or service. Don’t let your personas collect dust. 

Meet the presenter – Swapnali Thakar

Swapnali has a Master’s in Media Studies and has worked as a designer for the past 20 years. She started as a Graphic Designer in the print industry and gradually moved into designing for interactive media and web. A few years ago she decided to take formal training in UX Research and Design Practice and has been working in the field of UX Design and Product Strategy since then. Recently, she was the recipient of an innovation partner award for a project she led at Veriday, the company she currently works for.

A design thinker and systems thinker, Swapnali creates a human-centric vision and strategy for digital products and leads and coordinates between business, design, and technology as a decision-maker for the delivery and continuous improvement of those products.

Swapnali is a mother to a 5-year-old-animal-obsessed son with whom she creates YouTube movies with. In her spare time, she loves to paint and follow the Indian theatre scene quite closely.

  • Date: Friday July 17th 2020
  • Time: Noon ET / 11am CT / 9am PT

Planeando el diseño de productos digitales

Alguna vez te has encontrado dentro de un proyecto de diseño o investigación y te has hecho preguntas como ¿qué tipo de workshop debería preparar?, ¿qué es lo que realmente necesita mi cliente?, o ¿Necesito realizar algún tipo de investigación en esta etapa?
Si has respondido que sí a alguna de estas preguntas, esta plática es para ti. Te enseñaré algunos tips y recomendaciones para que la planeación del diseño e investigación de nuestros productos digitales sea satisfactoria para las necesidades del cliente, de nuestros usuarios y del mercado.

Daniela Manjarrez 

Daniela Manjarrez

Actualmente trabaja dentro del equipo de ‘Digital Engineering’ de Fannie Mae en Plano, Texas. 
Elabora mapas de experiencias de los usuarios en sistemas como creación de APIs, portales para desarrolladores, kits de Angular, entre otras. Trabajó en Usaria alrededor de 6-7 años en el área de UX e Investigación de usuarios. Además cuenta con algunos cursos y diplomados dentro de Aprende UX.

  • Date: Wednesday September 9th 2020
  • Time: 10:00 am México Bogotá Perú | 12:00 pm Chile Argentina | 11:00 Puerto Rico | 5:00 pm España
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