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UXPA International webinars are online events covering a range of UX and research topics delivered by some of the industry’s leading professionals. For the best experience, join our live webinars to interact with presenters and ask questions in real-time. Can’t make a live event? No worries, catch up any time by visiting our webinar library, there you can access all of our free, recorded webinars.

We’re excited to announce our latest webinars

  • May 21 – A Guided Reflection for UX Professionals – Neema Moraveji
  • May 27 – The MAGIC of Semantic IxD – Daniel Rosenberg
  • May 28 – .gob UX: agenda pendiente en LATAM (Spanish) – Freddy Linares 
  • June 3 – Product Inclusion for more inclusive designs – Rachida Amsaghrou
  • June 12 – Stop Evangelizing UX – And What To Do Instead – Debbie Levitt
  • July 17 – Effective personas to inform strategy with “Jobs to be Done” framework – Swapnali Thakar

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A Guided Reflection for UX Professionals

In this brief, 30-minute webinar, we will take a moment to practice calming our minds in the midst of a tumultuous era. We will use this method to improve our professional practice and personal lives. We will leverage our shared context as UX professionals, which values empathy, iteration, and objectivity.

Meet the presenter – Neema Moraveji

Neema Moraveji, Ph.D. is Co-founder and Chief Scientist at Spire Health. He leads scientific endeavours which span both HCI and clinical studies.
Dr. Moraveji has taught behavior design at Stanford’s CS and design departments and has been a leader in the growth of the digital health industry. He utilizes guided meditation in his design courses to train students to have agency over their state of mind to aid their research.
He has a B.S. in Computer Science from University of Maryland at College Park, a masters in HCI from Carnegie Mellon University, and his Ph.D. from Stanford University. For more info please visit www.moraveji.org

  • Date: Thursday May 21st 2020
  • Time: 1pm ET / Noon CT / 10am PT

The MAGIC of Semantic IxD

Do you know how much cognitive load your design ideas will place on the user even before you sketch out the first screen? If the cognitive load of your UX design is too high, users will find your product difficult and unpleasant to use.

It’s possible to measure cognitive load in a usability lab, but by then it is too late and too expensive to fix the underlying problems. The solution? You need to know how much cognitive load your users will face and mitigate it at the beginning of your design projects. In other words, a technique to minimize cognitive load should guide your design practice from the very start.

In this guest lecture, Professor Rosenberg will introduce Semantic Interaction Design, an innovative method that spans all the way from core conceptual models to the deployment of applied game theory techniques to create optimal experiences for users.

In this talk you’ll learn:

  • How cognitive science lends itself to Semantic Interaction Design
  • Real examples of the benefits and success of this new approach
  • How to convert product requirements into initial UX designs 10X faster
  • How to design experiences with higher initial quality
  • The 4-layer UX framework that unifies UX grammar, presentation, flow and game theory
  • How this method incorporates data driven business decisions to guide product success

This lecture introduces Professor Rosenberg’s new book titled UX MAGIC, which explores how designers can more effectively transform product requirements into rich experiences. You’ll learn how to maximize the efficacy of your design so that it uses the smallest number of screens and minimum number of flow steps.

Meet the presenter – Daniel Rosenberg

Daniel Rosenberg is the 2019 recipient of the SigCHI Lifetime Practice Award for his combination of technical and leadership contributions to the field over the past 40+ years.

Currently, he is a UX consultant and an adjunct professor of HCI at San Jose State University. He serves on the advisory board of the Interaction Design Foundation and edits the “Business of UX” Forum in ACM Interactions magazine.

Dan invented many of the standard GUI design patterns we use today during the early days of the software industry, when he worked as a User Interface Architect for Ashton-Tate & Borland. These include the first GUI Integrated Development Environment, defining the workspace style UX for programming and creative tools. He invented Tabs as a UI mechanism and also designed the first GUI administration UX while he was the UX VP at Oracle.

Over the course of his career, Dan has introduced many UX methods that are now common practice. Documented examples include coauthoring the Rapid Prototyping chapter in the first Handbook of HCI (Elsevier 1988). At a CHI1988 special session he introduced the UX community to the concept of GUI look and feel as an integral part of corporate branding. During this same period, he coauthored Human Factors in Product Design (Elsevier 1991), the first consumer product focused HF textbook which revolutionized both design education and practice for over a decade.

With his new book UX MAGIC Dan shares his cumulative knowledge of IxD science, theory and practice in a comprehensive new method he calls Semantic IxD that he hopes will once again propel the whole HCI field to greater success.

To learn more about Dan or contact him visit https://rCDOUX.com

  • Date: May 27th 2020
  • Time: Noon ET / 11am CT / 9am PT

.gob UX: agenda pendiente en LATAM (Spanish)

El sector público administra una cantidad importante de servicios orientados al ciudadano, muchos de ellos necesarios para el ejercicio de derechos y el cumplimiento de obligaciones. La gran extensión de nuestra región y la geografía dificulta además la presencia física del Estado a nivel nacional pero a su vez plantea el reto y de habilitarlos para entornos móviles.

Meet the presenter – Freddy Linares 

Past President del Comité de Internet de AMCHAM y de Internet Society Perú (ISOC Perú). Miembro del Consejo Directivo de la Sociedad Peruana de Marketing. Ha sido miembro del Consejo Consultivo de la Carrera de Marketing y de la Carrera de Negocios Internacionales de la Universidad del Pacífico (UP). Licenciado en Administración y Contabilidad por la UP. Magíster en Ingeniería de Sistemas. Egresado de la Maestría en Neurociencias por la UNMSM. Director de Investigación en Neurometrics. Generation Leader Award 2013 por Internet Society (ISOC). Especialista en uso de tecnología de eyetracking orientada a procesos de negocio online. NN/g Master Certified.

  • Date: Thursday May 28th 2020
  • Time: 4:00 pm México | 6:00 pm Argentina | 5:00 pm Chile | 4:00 pm Perú | 11:00 pm España | 4:00 pm USA EST

Product Inclusion for more inclusive designs

Product Inclusion consists in applying inclusion throughout the product lifecycle to enhance product features and user adoption.

Designing a product that fulfills the expectations of a wide range of users is no easy task. The workforce tasked with building inclusive products needs to reflect the diverse needs global users have, hence the importance of diversity in the workforce.

This diversity needs to be cross-functional and present at every stage of the product design and development. Another pre-requisite to product inclusion is Know Your Customer to build products that reflect what they need and want. This will help better segment the market and reach a wider audience.

This webinar will examine the many dimensions of diversity in product inclusion and provide an overall picture of the current initiatives in this new field.

Meet the presenter – Rachida Amsaghrou

Rachida built a career on brokering partnerships between corporations, international NGOs, and public entities to the benefit of underserved and underrepresented communities.

Rachida began her professional career working in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for one of the largest beauty companies in the world, which introduced her to the world of relationship management. She continued a career path of executive leadership skills, international negotiation and capacity building, advocacy, communications and program management. During her time working for large international NGOs like CERN and the Gulf Research Center, she honed her facilitation and account management skills by managing cross functional relationships and learning the power that comes from brokering successful public-private partnerships for community benefit.

As a consultant, her work has focused on leading business development and growth by building strategies to help global startups scale their businesses through the lens of diversity.

  • Date: Wednesday June 3rd 2020
  • Time: 1pm EST / 1pm CT / 10am PT

Stop Evangelizing UX – And What To Do Instead

No other role at your company spends time and effort evangelizing themselves the way we do. Developers aren’t making PowerPoints to explain why it’s important to hire qualified developers and let them write code. QA isn’t holding meetings to teach everyone the importance of testing software. It’s just us and it’s making us look weird and whiny. It’s rarely working and sometimes backfiring. How do you get CX and UX buy-in or start leveling up your company’s maturity?

This session will examine the pitfalls of evangelism and what actions we can take instead. We’ll look at how some of the popular methodologies we think are bringing everybody onto the CX bandwagon might be training co-workers on how little they need us. We’ll be focusing on hiring CX specialists, the role of managers and leadership, processes, workflows, tools, and improving collaboration between us and our cross-functional teammates.

Most importantly, we’ll look at how to measure the ROI of CX. Without being able to prove our worth, we are unlikely to get a seat at the table or level up our company’s maturity.

Meet the presenter – Debbie Levitt

Debbie Levitt, CXO of Delta CX, has been a CX and UX strategist, designer, and trainer since the 1990s. As a “serial contractor” who lived in the Bay Area for most of this decade, Debbie has influenced interfaces at Sony, Wells Fargo, Constant Contact, Macys.com, Oracle, and a variety of Silicon Valley startups. Clients have given her the nickname, “Mary Poppins,” because she flies in, improves everything she can, sings a few songs, and flies away to her next adventure.

Debbie has presented at conferences including eBay’s Developer Conference, PayPal’s Developer Conference, UXPA, and WeAreDevelopers. She is an O’Reilly published author and one of few instructors on the planet recommended by Axure.

Her “DevOps ICU” book and training teach non-CX roles about CX, why it’s done by specialists, and how to integrate it into teams and processes. Her “Delta CX” book and training teach companies how to improve customer satisfaction, predict and mitigate business risk, and increase ROI by investing in great customer experiences.

Outside of CX work, and sometimes during CX work, Debbie enjoys singing symphonic prog goth metal, opera, and New Wave.

  • Date: Friday June 12th 2020
  • Time: Noon ET / 11am CT / 9am PT

Effective personas to inform strategy with “Jobs to be Done” framework

How to create effective personas using Jobs to be Done so as to inform meaningful discussions around strategic choices – for business, product or service. Don’t let your personas collect dust.

Meet the presenter – Swapnali Thakar

Swapnali has a Master’s in Media Studies and has worked as a designer for the past 20 years. She started as a Graphic Designer in the print industry and gradually moved into designing for interactive media and web. A few years ago she decided to take formal training in UX Research and Design Practice and has been working in the field of UX Design and Product Strategy since then. Recently, she was the recipient of an innovation partner award for a project she led at Veriday, the company she currently works for.

A design thinker and systems thinker, Swapnali creates a human-centric vision and strategy for digital products and leads and coordinates between business, design, and technology as a decision-maker for the delivery and continuous improvement of those products.

Swapnali is a mother to a 5-year-old-animal-obsessed son with whom she creates YouTube movies with. In her spare time, she loves to paint and follow the Indian theatre scene quite closely.

  • Date: Friday July 17th 2020
  • Time: Noon ET / 11am CT / 9am PT
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