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UXPA International webinars are online events covering a range of UX and research topics delivered by some of the industry’s leading professionals. For the best experience, join our live webinars to interact with presenters and ask questions in real-time. Can’t make a live event? No worries, catch up any time by visiting our webinar library, there you can access all of our free, recorded webinars.

Communicating the Business Value of Design

Are you a UX lead struggling to get business leaders to buy into your design vision? We get it. We know that gone are the days when simply having the best-designed and engineered solution guarantees the success of a product.

Join the upcoming webinar hosted by Satyam Kantamneni & Sarah Khalid to learn how to connect the dots between the realities of business and design. They will walk you through understanding the right business focus, speaking the right language, introducing you to highly effective mindsets and frameworks, and more.

Meet the presenters

Satyam Kantamneni
Sarah Khalid

Satyam Kantamneni (instructor) is an engineer by training, designer by profession, and is now the co-founder and Managing Partner at UXReactor. After having spent close to 15 years on the corporate side leveraging design agencies, he took a lot of notes on what was and wasn’t working. He has a track record of leading user experience and product evolution for multiple Fortune 500 companies, and is an alumnus of PayPal, Citrix, Fidelity, Siemens, Harvard Business School and Wright State University.

Sarah Khalid (co-instructor) is a UX Consultant at UXReactor, whose experience in architecture, visual communication and being a non-profit founder led her into the world of human-centered design. She has designed experiences for enterprise technology products with cross-functional teams in the worlds of cybersecurity, alliance management, and virtual data storage to name a few. She is an alumnus of Arup, Urban Strategies Inc and the University of Waterloo.

  • Date: Feb. 28th 2020
  • Time: Noon ET/11am CT/9am PT

Why Verbiage is Not Plain Language

Join UXPA and Wendy Meyeroff for this introductory webinar to the upcoming short course, “Perfecting Plain Language and What REALLY Makes Wonderful, Working, Websites”. If your job consists of creating a site or maintaining a site area, whether you’re a UX Designer or Content Strategist, this webinar and 3-part short course is for you!

One of the greatest dismissals of targets’ web interest is the lack of understanding by so many in business presentations on truly reaching their audience.

Consider that word “verbiage.” If your audience is professors, doctors/nurses, geeks, and others well educated, it’s usable. But if you’re doing patient ed? How about general office user manuals? Producing educational vids and/or holding Zoom classes that will be offered across your target outlet via the website?

You get the idea.

It doesn’t matter how great your images, how enticing your Calls to Actions (CTAs), how well you’ve analyzed key words needed, SEOs, pay-per-clicks, etc.

If you don’t truly understand—and institute—plain language on your site (or modify your site for different audiences), you won’t capture and maintain interest. Yes, folks who MUST log in (e.g., entering CME/CE classes) will do so. But if you’re trying to enhance a website’s readability and thus generate and then maintain interest from others, here’s the place for a quick overview of why you must understand—and implement—plain language.

Meet the presenter

Wendy Meyeroff, the Plain Language Leader, has been providing copywriting, custom content, and marketing consults to national/international health and tech clients (small, medium and large) for 20+ years. That goes across all outlets; i.e., print, broadcast, and being one of the first online writers/site mappers.

Her special niche includes mentoring those reaching out to the senior market; aka “Baby Boomers.” Wendy’s an award-winning writer in this area.

Among Wendy’s collaborations: Apple, NIH, Merck, Johns Hopkins, CBS, Dr. Oz, the New York MacUsers Group, and Erickson Living. See her book, “Web 1.0” on web content and design basics (Editorial Freelancers Association, 2018).

For more info and samples, see www.wmmedcomm.com and http://www.issuu.com/wmmedwriter. Or email her directly: wjmeyeroff@gmail.com.

  • Date: April 17th, 2020
  • Time: Noon ET/11am CT/9am PT

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