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UX Advocates for Latin America

UXPA International seeks global user experience (UX) advocates to enrich the whole of the UX industry through their unique cultural perspectives and insights. We have an active membership representing at least six continents, our publications team translates extracts and abstracts for every issue of UXPA Magazine into five different languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese), and selected articles are regularly translated into Spanish. Our Board of Directors come from a variety of countries and converse in several different languages. This year, our annual international conference takes place in Puerto Rico where the majority of residents primarily speak Spanish.

Over the past year, UXPA International has increased its outreach efforts to facilitate and expand the discipline of UX throughout Latin America. We believe we can best enhance the impact and reach of this effort with the support of enthusiastic and motivated UX leaders from all Latin American countries. UXPA International invites UX professionals and leaders from Latin America to participate in a formal special interest group (SIG) dedicated to considering and developing a scalable strategy to significantly enhance the practice of UX for this market.

If you’d like to join our SIG to support the UX profession in Latin America, we invite you to email our UXPA International leadership in Latin America for additional information: Marta del Río (based in Mexico), Regional Director for Latin America, and Claudia Gutiérrez (based in Chile), Director of Publications.

Help increase the visibility of UX in Latin America and expand the global perspective of UXPA International.

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