Welcome Claudia Bruckschwaiger as Our New Regional Director for Europe!

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Claudia (Photo)

Claudia Bruckschwaiger
UXPA Europe Regional Director

We are so excited to announce that Claudia Bruckschwaiger, managing partner at Swohlwahr in Vienna, Austria, has accepted the position of Europe Regional Director.

Claudia is also serving as Deputy Chair of the Accreditation Board for the
International Accreditation Program for UX Professionals and we all recently got to meet in person at UXPA 2023 in Austin, Texas last month!

We asked Claudia a few questions so our members can learn a little about our newest Board Member!

1) How did you get started in UX?

Starting out as a user interface designer in early 2000 was my first step into UX, with a brief detour into the gaming industry. User experience and demand-driven design had a huge impact on the work in my startup, the development of an interactive dive guide for the Red Sea, which also had to take safety-related information into account. After the investors took over that project, my next focus was on strategic planning of interaction design and process development in different industries, as well as data-driven ethical product development in mental health.

2) What is most rewarding about working in UX?

UX is a really powerful approach when used properly. Besides the obvious added value of making products, services, and systems more user-friendly for people, the strategic aspect is much more exciting. It gives companies the opportunity to reduce their innovation risk and investment with better quality while efficiently supporting sustainability and transformation – human-centric in a technologized age. That is what fascinates me most about this universally applicable overall concept. We can really influence the future of economic systems. And for sure – teaching young people in UX is highly rewarding.

3) What is something many might not know about you?

Maybe that I met my husband on his talk about user requirements, and I thought – Oh, I must talk to that guy… the rest is history.

I have a slightly weird and sometimes dark sense of humor, and I can’t throw away even nearly dead flowers, I have to nurture them back to health.

4) What would you like to accomplish your first year as Regional Director?

Good question – currently our profession in Europe is struggling with poor processes and recruitment issues because companies don’t really know what UX can achieve or about the different focus fields of UX / Human-Centered Design and the specific skills required. My main goal is to raise awareness of what a company can achieve with the right UX professional in the right process, at the right time (early strategy), and align this aim with UXPA chapters in Europe while strengthening the community.

5) What is your favorite summertime activity?

When it’s very hot, I love swimming with my beloved ones. When temperatures are moderate, my old motorcycle takes me to the beautiful Austrian lakes nestled in the mountains. Besides, hiking at about 2000m altitude calms me immediately – with a cool breeze of spicy herbs, rocks, and the soft ringing of cowbells from the alp 😊.

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