Announcing the International Accreditation Program for UX Professionals

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We are thrilled to announce that the International Accreditation Program for UX Professionals has been officially endorsed by UXPA International. The program was developed by UXPA Austria, with support from the GermanUPA, and was launched internationally in October 2022 at the World Usability Congress in Graz. The accreditation program will join UXPA International at their booth during the UXPA INTERNATIONAL 2023 Conference in Austin. Following this endorsement of the accreditation program, all members of UXPA International and its chapters are now eligible for a reduced accreditation fee.

About the International Accreditation Program for UX Professionals: The program provides a listing in a register of UX professionals, after a due review of work history and professionalism. The register shows the shared understanding of professional work, the strive for quality, and a human-centered mindset, regardless of a professional’s field of work, job role, or pay grade. An accredited UX professional communicates its will to be scrutinized by a body of evaluation, for one’s work to be questioned, to let others speak on one’s behalf, and to adhere to the code of conduct of UX professionals (

International Accreditation Program for UX Professionals process diagram

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