Accessibility Guide for UX Professionals

In this webinar, participants will learn simple tweaks UX Professionals can make to their existing practices that will enable all users to experience technology. Accessibility is a cornerstone to transform digital experiences into “inclusive” experiences. Accessibility is often seen as a compliance issue rather than an experience problem. Everyone involved in creating a digital experience has the responsibility of making them “inclusive.” By making digital experiences “inclusive”, there is potential to enable 7 billion users on the earth. That is a business opportunity worth over $2 trillion dollars.

This Webinar will cover Accessibility best practices for:

  • Designers
  • Researchers
  • Content Authors
  • UI Developers

Presenter:  Rajesh Kalidindi, Sr. Accessibility Manager

Rajesh is a User Experience professional with special interest in Accessibility. Rajesh’s personal mantra is hiding the complexity behind the screen while surfacing simple and meaningful experiences on the screen. Rajesh has 20+ years of experience in delivering wide range of digital experiences in consumer and enterprise domains. He does this by observing people – their needs, desires, and behaviors – and merging these observations into business goals. He enjoys evangelizing User Experience and Accessibility.

Rajesh is living in Seattle, working at Microsoft delivering “inclusive experiences”. He is also volunteering as board member of UXPA (User Experience Professionals Association) International organization.


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