Make Meaningful Work to Lead Healthy Cultures

The complex world we live in has significant noise, so building a strong inner compass helps us to have contextual adaptability that solves 21st century problems.

Everyone at some time can get lost in the noise, speed, and delivery of day-to-day work. We might even forget why we are working on a project in the first place. This can result in feeling frustrated, purposeless, stressed and unhealthy. We can all feel stuck at times. We call this Sleepwalking.

We discovered that most of us want to spend more time on meaningful work and work with teams that are engaged in making that happen. Projects where our skills and practice strengths are working well together that encourage us to learn, improve and thrive.  We call this Sparkle.

Make Meaningful Work focuses on the transferable soft skills that we call practices, as we cannot solve problems by just applying hard skills. The combination of applying soft skills in practice together with hard skills enables us to take responsibility and insert meaning into what we do.

Make Meaningful Work is a learning platform and book. This session is part of a larger learning experience.  Join us for a Make Meaningful Work Sparkle Studio experience to learn more about how to move words to actions and identify transferable soft skills to insert meaning into what you do as part of 21st century work.

*This webinar included the use of a Miro Board. You can find that board here:


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