Surveys that Work: An Introduction to the Survey Octopus and Total Survey Error

Many of us receive multiple requests to complete surveys every day. Some of us find that colleagues or clients think of ‘doing a survey’ as the same as ‘doing some research’ – which may explain why organizations send out so many survey requests. In this webinar, you’ll meet the Survey Octopus, Caroline Jarrett’s friendly way of talking about the many issues that make surveys one of the most challenging research methods. The Survey Octopus will help you to:

  • Explain to colleagues that a survey may not be the first research method to try
  • Help to justify a choice to work with a “non significant” number of responses
  • Think about the steps that go into delivering a survey that works

As a bonus, Caroline will also explain how her Survey Octopus maps into the Total Survey Error concept that underpins the work of many survey methodologists.


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