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Board members are volunteers that are responsible for leading the efforts of the organization.

Candidates must be an active UXPA International member as of November 20th, 2020, and they must commit to the following:

  • Serve at least 20 hours per month
  • Attend monthly Board meeting calls
  • Attend 3 in-person meetings a year in locations to be determined (one of which will be in conjunction with the annual conference) (Please note, this will be dependent on the situation with COVID-19 and any restrictions based on new requirements. If we can not meet in person, we will continue to meet virtually per our monthly calls)
  • Be available monthly for additional meetings related to the position
  • Send weekly updates on progress and activities
  • Respond to inquiries and issues in a timely manner (Basecamp, Whatsapp, Slack channels, e-mail)

You may learn more about the current UXPA Board of Directors at

The current election will elect the following position:

Director of Volunteers

The Director of Volunteers is responsible for coordinating all volunteer efforts at UXPA International, both with the annual conference and with regular activities all year long.

Duties include:

  • Working with the UXPA Board and the  UXPA International Conference chairs to coordinate volunteers duties during Conference and for various roles all year long.
  • Assembling and coordinating volunteer teams and assigning different roles and duties according to organizational needs.
    • Maintaining and tracking an internal table of requirements for various roles within the organization.
  • Acting as a liaison with the Board of Directors to articulate and align volunteers efforts with core needs for other UXPA International Directors and various projects stakeholders.
  • Shaping, leading, and maintaining an international group of volunteers to maintain and establish partnerships to help UXPA International and Conference exposure.
    • Maintaining and monitoring an online survey and a database of more than 800 potential volunteers
  • With the organization Web Team, maintain a page about volunteers and volunteering opportunities.
  • Answer questions that potential volunteers may have about the organization and various roles.
  • Assess and interview potential volunteers to measure their qualifications for any given role required by the organization.
  • A commitment of at least 20 to 30 hours per month.

Ongoing projects include:

  • Creation of a newsletter aimed at existing and potential volunteers
  • Setting up and editing a contract of commitment for all new volunteers.

Election Schedule:

  • Nov 10: Call for nominations open1 
  • Nov 20: Nominations close, candidate submits required information2
  • Nov 23-25: Elections Committee schedules and conducts interviews with candidates to discuss interest and qualifications
  • Nov 27: Final forms and signed agreement due from nominees3
  • Dec 2: Slate of nominees approved by Board of Directors
  • Dec 7-17: Online voting by UXPA International members
  • Dec 21: Election results announced

1- Nomination for a Board position does not guarantee that you will be included on the ballot. The Elections Committee recommends nominees to the Board based on each nominee’s professional and UXPA volunteer experience, their candidate statement, and the current needs of the Board. You can nominate yourself or someone else who you think would be a great board member.

The following information is required for nominations:

  • Candidate’s name and affiliation 
  • Contact information: email address and phone number
  • Brief description of why the candidate will be an effective Board member

Send your nomination using this form.

2- If accepted by the Elections Committee, the nominee is required to submit additional information such as a candidate statement, background information and the position(s) in which the nominee is interested in.

3- The Elections Committee will send a Contract of Commitment for the nominee to complete and return

Voting Requirements

If you want to vote for candidates for open board positions during the UXPA elections, you must be a member as of November 6, 2020.Join or renew your UXPA International membership today!

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