It’s election time…

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Who’s ready for another election?

UXPA International is holding an election for the Director of Volunteers Board Member position for the January 2021 – June 2023 term. Board members are volunteers that are responsible for leading the efforts of the organization.

The Director of Volunteers is responsible for coordinating all volunteer efforts at UXPA International, both with the annual conference and with regular activities all year long. They will be responsible for assembling and coordinating volunteer teams, liaising with the Board of Directors to articulate and align volunteers efforts across various projects at UXPA.

We’re excited to introduce the two candidates running for Director of Volunteers:

Alain Robillard-Bastien

I have extensive experience working with UXPA and other volunteers-based organization. I started years ago with the Montreal local chapter and then took part in the international conference organization numerous times, which led me to be elected as the Director of Volunteers with UXPA International.

While leading a fantastic group of volunteers at the 2017 conference in Toronto, I created a strong synergy and community sense. I also built an efficient management mechanism to streamline both the management and the recruitment of volunteers. I wanted to bring these into the entire organization.

As I improved and streamlined the recruitment and the management of volunteers, it became clear over the last two years that UXPA was in itself an extraordinary team of people from all around the world. All are helping out in various realms of activities, such as organizing events with the chapters, writing and editing excellent content for our various publications or planning webinars and training sessions. These volunteers are all part of various teams within UXPA, but all teams have their dynamics and culture.

I then realized that my goal wasn’t only to manage persons or find new volunteers for specific roles, but rather to build bridges between the larger internal UXPA community. In my next mandate, I’d like to build these bridges to create a sense of unity between all volunteers, from chapter leaders to the graphical designer helping us out on branding work. Dozens of volunteers, one team. Let’s get to know each other.

Ginny Hong

Hello! I am running for Director of Volunteers. I have been passionate about service ever since my first Habitat for Humanity build as a youth. While studying, I’ve served in a leadership capacity with a student organization, growing a base of volunteers and partnering with other organizations to expand our reach. I worked to make volunteer opportunities more accessible through web-based sign-up and communication and reported on the impact we were making. During my tenure, I continued the existing commitments of the organization while establishing new relationships based on interests expressed by our volunteers such as a mentorship program with Fairfax County Public Schools. I love connecting people with opportunities that match their interests and skills, and nurturing a spirit of giving. I look forward to learning about what our members would like to see from UXPA in terms of volunteering and working with you to make that happen.

Starting out in UX, I’ve benefited from members of our community sharing a resource or an opportunity. To pay it forward, I participated in the UXPA mentorship over the past few cohorts, but want to do more. I want to make sure any member knows where to start if they want to volunteer or connect more deeply with the UX community. Let’s leverage and share the energy, diversity, experience and time that’s rich within UXPA around the world! I hope I have the opportunity to serve you as a board member representing UXPA International and the needs and interests of our members.

Time to get voting!

If you’re a UXPA International member you will have received an email with a link to cast your vote.

Good luck to both candidates.

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