UXLAT 2019 A Historic Event

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One of UXPA International’s aspirations is to bring resources to the UX community and our members. Webinars, articles of our magazine and journal, short courses and, of course, our annual conference are great experiences that gather our members and the professional community together. This year we wanted to expand our efforts on sharing knowledge and content so we went to Latin America, specifically to Santiago, Chile, for our First UXLAT Conference. In combination with the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, UXPA organized the event where for three days, leaders of different Latin-American countries, UXPA Board members and other US and LATAM professionals, shared use cases and reflections about the industry in the region and around the world.

The event was fabulous. The first two days happened in Santiago, at the awarded building of the Innovation Center of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. 550 UX professionals from Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, and other Latin-American countries, met in a morning of keynotes and presentations about different topics in UX. Jean Fox, UXPA International Treasurer, presented an interesting experience about doing surveys, while Daniel Torres Burriel, leader of the Spain UXPA Chapter, talked about the hiring process when building UX Teams.

The afternoon hosted 3-hour workshops that ranged from Design Ops to Design Thinking Process Governance. Lauren Schaefer, UXPA Director of Web, did an amazing workshop on Cognitive Bias and Jana Pantoja, along with Giles Harrison-Conwill, Google Researcher, held a workshop on Doing Interviews and Diary Studies.

Our second UXLAT day was a wonderful all day meeting among UX Leaders in the Region. Hard work, laughs and shared anecdotes lead to more than 40 professionals to end up the day writing the First UX Manifest in Spanish about the Spanish Speaking UX in the World. The Manifest was intended to be a living document to be maintained by and for the community and is the first declaration about the State of the Art of UX in the Spanish Speaking Community! A true development for our UX professionals! Please share and distribute it among your Spanish speaking colleagues! https://uxlat.com/declaratoria_uxlat_2019_v2.pdf

To close the event, we chose the historic city of Valparaíso, by the Chilean coast. In a beautiful surrounding by the sea, the Design School of the Universidad Católica de Valparaíso hosted the event. Our UXPA Intl Vice Presidents and Director of Sponsorships, Janaina Pantoja, gave a very interesting talk about applying scientific method to UX Research from her own personal experience. The UX Manifest was the closing milestone of the conference. Read by the Latin-American Regional Director, Marta del Río, and UXPA Director of Publications, Claudia Gutiérrez, the declaration was the end of a beautiful event and also the beginning of a new era of UX in the Spanish speaking region, where UXPA wants to be present and engaged. We are already organizing the next year´s event in Ecuador.

We are hoping to see everybody there! Viva el UX en español!

For more information about the event including photos from the please presentations visit: www.uxlat.com

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