User Experience Researcher

State Farm Insurance is seeking a User Experience Researcher to join a team of existing User-Centered Design (UCD) professionals. In this role you will be responsible for designing and conducting user research for a wide range of software and non-software products. User research areas include customer usage of® and mobile apps, as well as business tools used by our sales force and employees for the purpose of selling and maintaining insurance and financial services products. In addition, you could be asked to evaluate and provide input into Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, business processes, and hardware and software purchase decisions. You will collaborate with other UCD practitioners, software developers, and business leaders across the organization.

The skills required for the position are typically associated with an advanced degree in Human Factors, Experimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, or a related field. Ideal candidates should have excellent research skills including the ability to analyze large and small sample quantitative and qualitative data sets. Experience supporting UCD in a large corporate environment is a plus.

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