Split Focus: Designing Applications for Multiple Monitor Setups

The next big challenge on the horizon for UX in application design is not about the small screen—it’s about going large. Large monitors keep getting cheaper – and higher resolution – so many users working with SaaS and enterprise applications today have multiple monitors on their desks. It is frustrating for those users when applications do not scale well to a larger size, wasting screen real  estate, and not taking advantage of the additional monitors to support side-by-side comparisons and multi-tasking that are common to knowledge workers in many domains. As UX design consultants, we are increasingly seeing opportunities to improve user experience and productivity for business users by utilizing multiple monitors. In this presentation, we discuss new UX design patterns and challenges that arise in software and web-based application design for multiple monitors, illustrating them with real project examples.


Lisa Battle, Design for Context (President)

Lisa Battle is the president of Design for Context, a UX design consultancy in the Washington, DC area. She has designed usable software, web-based applications, and web sites for clients in a variety of industries, and specializes in UX design for highly interactive enterprise applications and software as a service (SaaS). Her work with project teams includes eliciting user needs, clarifying business goals, and designing creative user interface solutions that improve user experience and productivity. She holds a master’s degree in Cognitive Psychology/Human Factors from George Mason University

Rachel Sengers, Design for Context (User Experience Designer)

Rachel Sengers is a user experience designer with Design for Context, a UX design consultancy in the Washington, DC area. She has designed Web-based applications, software, and sites for a variety commercial and government clients, and specializes in creating intuitive, usable interfaces for complex tasks and workflows. She helps clarify project goals, plans how users will accomplish their tasks, specifies details of the user interface, and helps support development. Rachel has a graduate certificate in Information Design from the University of Baltimore, a B.S. in Advertising Design and a B.S. in East Asian Studies from University of Maryland, College Park.

Michael Owens, Design for Context (User Experience Designer)

Michael Owens is a user experience professional with Design for Context, a UX design consultancy in the Washington, DC area. She has over 20 years of experience delivering innovative experiences that meet user and business needs. Her projects span the range from large-scale data-rich portals to consumer-oriented mobile applications. She provides project planning and creative leadership, defines business and user goals, and helps translate user needs into development specifications. Michael is a Human Factors International Certified Usability Analyst and holds a Masters in American Studies from the University of Virginia, a Masters of Education from Marymount University.”

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