Important Information About the UXPA 2024 International Conference

Dear UX Community, We have received a number of messages from the UX community, including UXPA members, about our choice to have the venue for the UXPA 2024 International Conference in South Florida, and we wanted to provide an explanation of the event location. As a small, non-profit organization that tries to vary the geography for our annual conference, we are forced to contract our conference venues many years in advance. Our selection of The Diplomat Beach Resort for the 2024 conference took place 4 years ago. The financial penalties for canceling or moving our conference at this late juncture are substantial, and it would put our organization in significant financial distress. Additionally, we believe that by pulling our conference …

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In Memory of Chris Koster

Christopher (Chris) Koster, 70, died in May 2023. A life-long resident of Fanwood-Scotch Plains, New Jersey, Chris completed his master’s degree in social and industrial psychology in 1979 from New York University. In 1980, he began his career in usability as a member of technical staff for Bell Laboratories and AT&T Bell Laboratories, continued with Telcordia Technologies (formerly Bellcore) through 2003, and then worked as a usability consultant. Chris was extremely active in UPA/UXPA, especially with the UX magazine, from October of 2005 through September of 2015. During that decade, he served as the magazine’s Associate Managing Editor, Managing Editor, and Senior Editor, and worked with a team of UPA/UXPA members to help redesign the magazine. Chris was also active …

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