Thank You 2023 UXPA Poster Contest Participants!

In 2023, we asked the UXPA International community to help re-envision the “Designing the User Experience” poster that has adorned the walls of UX professionals for over 20 years. Thank you all for your participation and helping to educate the next generation of UX professionals! Original “Designing the User Experience” UPA Poster Participants were encouraged to represent the most current user-centered design process and best practices which included the following: Steps in the UCD process: Represents the best practice activities in the user experience research and design lifecycle. Examples include: stakeholder interviews, contextual inquiries, card sorts, prototypes, etc. Successes: Highlighting the milestones that help a team move forward in the design process toward a successful product launch. Traps and pitfalls: Addresses things to …

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Volunteer Spotlight: Neloshi Silva

Neloshi SilvaUXPA 2024 Reviews Chair Meet Neloshi, a dedicated UXPA conference volunteer who discovered the organization while working with Sara Mastro. Neloshi continues to help UXPA create great conference experiences! 1) How did you first learn about UXPA International? I learned about UXPA through my work colleagues. I was fortunate to be working with Sara Mastro who was a board member of the UXPA when we first started working together. I remember being very impressed with her work and the organization itself that I asked if there were any opportunities for me to volunteer as well. 2) What are your activities as a UXPA Int’l Volunteer? At first, I have been a reviewer for UXPA conferences for a number of …

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