Introduction to conversational design and research (Chatbots and more!)


Tuesday, November 1, 8, 15 & 22

  • 12pm – 1pm ET
  • 11am – 12pm CT
  • 9am – 10am PT

Course Registration Rates: 

UXPA Members and Students: $100

Non-Members: $200

In the emerging world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), chatbots are becoming a standard offering that requires various UX expertise: research, design, and content creation.

In this course, we will guide you through the steps to create a chatbot, including reviewing the basic elements of a chatbot, conducting research to identify user needs, and creating cognitive intents, which are the foundation of your chatbot.

In addition, we will discuss how to evaluate chatbots, what it takes for a chatbot to be successful, and how to avoid common mistakes that lead to poor effectiveness and user abandonment.

This course is for anyone interested in conversational design or chatbots, covering how to identify user intents through UX research, write appropriate responses for that cognitive intent, understand the different types of cognitive intents and how they fit within the chatbot paradigm, and then validate whether these were successful with end users. Best practices and real examples of intents and responses from designs as well as short exercises to practice the writing will be included.

Week 1: Chatbots and the role of conversational design

Week 2: Discovery research and cognitive intents

Week 3: Cognitive intents deep dive

Week 4: Design validation: what makes a good chatbot?


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Jon G. Temple, Ph.D.

Jon G. Temple is a Design Principal at IBM, in CIO Design. He has over 25 years of experience in user-centered design, UX research, human factors and cognitive psychological research. He received his AB from Vassar College in Psychology, and his MA and Ph.D. at the University of Cincinnati in Experimental Psychology, and completed post docs in HCI and in human factors. Jon splits his time leading several projects running concurrently, which typically include web and mobile application design, AI, or vendor solutions. He has a 2nd degree black belt in Shotokan karate and enjoys home brewing, but recommends against combining the two for public safety reasons.

Jason Telner, Ph.D.

Jason Telner, PhD, is a senior user researcher within IBM’s CIO design user research and data analytics team. Jason has over a decade of experience working within the field of user research. In his current role at IBM, Jason’s focus has been on improving the user experience of employee support applications such as chatbots, web support and voice interface support. Jason has published and presented at numerous user experience related conferences and is the recipient of both the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 2008 Alphonse Chapanis Best Paper Award, as well as the HCI 2011 Best Paper Award.

Patricia Orsini

Patricia Orsini is an AI Experience Content Designer with IBM’s CIO organization and is the conversation designer on a team working on a digital assistant for IBMers. She has a BA in journalism from Syracuse University and a background as a journalist, so she’s had a lot of practice asking questions, and knows a good answer when she sees it.