Newsletter Sponsorship

Pricing: $1500 for one newsletter, $2750 for two newsletters

Sponsorship ads will appear twice in the newsletter they sponsor and where possible are placed within the content. Text is also provided at the top and bottom of the newsletter indicating the name of the sponsoring company and their sponsorship of the newsletter. This text guarantees that your name will appear in the preview line of the newsletter when viewed in in-boxes with preview mode turned on. Your sponsorship is exclusive and no other sponsors will be allowed in the same newsletter, however partner blurbs may appear. 

Details: Please include the formal name of your company that you would like us to include with regard to sponsorship of the newsletter as well as URL for the banner.

Formats Accepted: Transparent PNG, EPS, AI

Size: Banners are Full Banner Style and we will accept up to 600×75

To Get Started: Contact

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