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Hello, fellow UXPA members and members of the UX community!

The New Jersey chapter of UXPA, in conjunction with UXPA International, is leading an effort to create a dozen ready-to-use lesson plans for middle school and high school teachers in the coming months. Here in NJ, computer science is required to be taught in grades K through 12, but our curriculum standards say almost nothing about UX. As a result, the few teachers who are teaching UX topics don’t have the proper resources to do it well and easily. We aim to change that narrative. UX is a career path that many don’t find out about until college or later, so this opportunity is to educate teachers and students in middle school.

What you can do:
Come to one of our weekly Zoom check-ins at 11:30 am ET on Fridays, and get to meet us, see what possibilities are for you to contribute, and make a difference. On UXPA’s Slack, we are in the #Education channel. You can join it using this link here.

We are creating a repository of teacher-facing resources for K-12, and lesson plans that are easy to find and use. Let’s address these UX pipeline issues, together! Email: josephinegiaimo@gmail.com.

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