UXPA International 2020: At Home

Join us every Thursday throughout October to explore new & important UX topics

October 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29

UXPA International 2020: At Home takes the best of our in-person conference and mixes in some online magic to create an event like we’ve never run before. Join us every Thursday in October as we explore a variety of UX topics. From diversity and inclusion, to career development and UX in Government. You can expect lots of live short talks, panel discussions, question and answer sessions and even lightning UX posters!

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5 live virtual events throughout October

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Thursday, October 1
Previous event - Women & Gender Minorities in UX
Recording available soon! What's it like for women and gender minorities in the user experience industry? What unique lenses do they bring to the table, and what challenges do they face because of or despite their gender? How are these concerns made worse or less severe in different industries? This exciting group of panelists brings a broad set of perspectives to these and other questions, providing insight that can be applied by people of any gender.
Thursday, October 1
Thursday, October 8
Previous event - Diversity & inclusion in UX
Recording available soon! Join Shanae Ullman, Sharelle Jones and Meena Kothandaraman as we explore the importance of diversity and inclusion in UX. We'll share ways to demystify Anti-Racism in tech by exploring research and stories specific to the tech industry and startup ecosystem. How uses of color to invoke feelings are often swept aside; sharing how industry terms ‘dark web’- internet ills, ‘black market’ - financial sector crime, ‘dark pattern’ - deceitful user paths, all contribute to assumptions of guilt upon sight for deeply toned citizens. We'll then explore some actionable steps we can take to ensure our research isn't excluding the Black voice. Following the talks we will have a moderated question and answer session with all speakers.
Thursday, October 8
Thursday, October 15
Previous event - Advancing your UX career
Recording available soon! Caroline Little, Cory Lebson and Mauro Scappa explore how to advance your UX career. We'll discuss quick and easy steps to ace your next virtual interview, how to stand out as a senior candidate and whether it's time to jump into the world of freelancing. Following the three talks, Jennifer Romano will be moderating a panel discussion with all speakers.
Thursday, October 15
Thursday, October 22
Previous event - Lessons from UX in Government
Recording available soon! Shobhana Gupta, Emily Herrick, Matt Khinda, and Martin Boucher will share what they have learned from their UX work in government. We'll hear how our presenters have incorporated user centered design to improve the adoption of scientific research at NASA, to improve services for low-income New York City residents, and to unify 800 individual websites into one platform for Québec. Although government work often has its own challenges, these speakers will share lessons learned that will apply to other domains as well. Following the talks, Jean Fox will moderate a question and answer session between all speakers.
Thursday, October 22
Thursday, October 29
Previous event - Lightning UX Posters
Recording available soon! Lightning UX Posters is the finale to the UXPA International 2020 virtual conference. 5 UX posters will each be presented in lightning 10 minute presentations. It’s designed to be a fast paced and fun event. Covering a broad range of topics from designing voice user interfaces to accessibility checklists and lots in-between. Carol Smith will be moderating a question and answer session with all speakers towards the end of the event.
Thursday, October 29

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