Stretching online research tools to meet your research goals

Some UX research goals are easy to fulfill, others are wicked hard. To meet those wicked goals, I often end up stretching online UX research software well beyond the software’s original intent. In this session (updated since it was first presented at UXPA 2016 )I’ll explore some unconventional ways to solve challenging research questions. We’ll look at case studies ranging from prototyping a tax wizard with surveyware to a Wizard of Oz voice response study implemented on tree-testing software. Links will be provided so that afterwards everyone can try a shortened version of the research tools. You’ll hear some funny stories about how the support and management teams at SurveyGizmo, Optimal Workshop and Eyes Decide have all helped me out at various times as I took their software into places they’d never imagined it would go.

Presenter: Lisa Fast

Lisa Fast is an independant service designer and behavioral researcher with over 25 years of experience. Over her UX unicorn career, she has been a programmer, designer, product manager and researcher who has facilitated over 1,000 hours of remote usability research sessions with participants all over the world. Lisa is active Github collaborator on the Government of Canada’s Web Experience Toolkit (WET). She holds 2 patents and her publications are listed on While her children were young, she moved into academia as a mathematical cognition researcher and enjoyed the change of pace. Back before UX was even a thing, Lisa completed a master’s degree in Computer Science in the psychology of programming.

Posted on April 19, 2017

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