How to Mix-and-Match Foundational Research Framework

Determining which foundational research method to use is a consistent debate within the UX research community – researchers seem to fall firmly into either the personas or Jobs-to-be-done camp. But why not mix-and-match these approaches? Udemy’s Head of Research, Claire Menke, will be discussing her company’s decision to combine three foundational research frameworks – personas, JTBD, and customer journeys – to create a more united understanding of the user narrative. Learn how to push your product strategy forward by speaking to your stakeholders through the right methodologies, building a greater degree of empathy along the way.


Claire Menke

Claire Menke is the head of UX Research at Udemy, an online learning marketplace that empowers anyone to teach and learn. At her core, Claire believes in empowering communities of people through research – be that indigenous communities in the Peruvian Amazon or learners around the world. She holds a BA and an MSc from Stanford University, and in a former life was a field anthropologist studying ecotourism and sustainable development. She has since established the UX Research function at two education technology start-ups.

A lifelong learner, Claire is currently teaching herself how to bake sourdough bread, quilt, and crochet.


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