Getting into the User Experience field

The User Experience field is a fast growing field. People with various backgrounds and experiences have joined it. Every year in the UXPA International conferences, we notice chats about how people got into UX, what their first jobs looked like, how long did it take for them to learn UX and things they wished the knew when they started. With the increasing interest in the field, these type of questions pop up very often in various channels. We invited 4 UX professionals in different areas (design, research and strategy) to join us and talk about their experiences breaking into UX and succeeding at it. Want to ask questions and hear great advice? Join us on June 15th at 9 am PT/Noon ET.

The experts/panelists

Jason Buhle – AnswerLab
Christine Chun – Instacart
Marlin De May – Algolia
Adrienne Guillory – AT&T


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