One of the primary goals of UXPA has always been to provide ongoing networking opportunities for user experience professionals to meet and exchange ideas. A few ways to leverage your membership in UXPA include:
  • Attend our annual international conference, where many long-term friendships and business partnerships have been started. Find details about our 2015 conference in California.
  • Explore one or more of the regional conferences offered by UXPA chapters. Some great previous conferences include: User Friendly (Shanghai, November 2013) and UX Hong Kong (March 2014).
  • Join a local chapter. UXPA has chapters all over the world. Visit one, or speak with a regional Director about starting a chapter in your area. Begin by visiting our list of chapters by region.
  • Participate in our group. Our members include newcomers to the UX field as well as experienced practitioners. Wherever you are, there's a UXPA member ready to help answer your questions and guide you with practical advice.
  • Participate in our Facebook group, and Like our Facebook conference page to stay updated about events!
  • Follow us on Twitter!

So how do I sign up?

If you are interested in joining the LinkedIn for UXPA community (it's only one step away), sign up at the UXPA invitation on the LinkedIn site. Once you fill in the request, the UXPA office verifies your membership, and the UXPA logo appears on your profile.
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