K-12 Education for UX

Three UX professionals shared their experience and insights from a project that is seeking to bring UX education to K-12 students. The need for reliable K-12 UX-related resources and materials appears to be great, as many pipeline-related UX challenges need to be addressed. We will provide a list of takeaways–selected books, websites, ready-to-use materials, and other resources that teachers can use to get started with teaching UX right away. We will outline current initiatives within UXPA to partner with others to create a series of UX-related lesson plans and units for middle schoolers. We’ll update you on the status of the creation of a repository of K-12 -facing resources. Related efforts to get user experience job titles into the US Dictionary of Occupational Titles and SIC and their Canadian counterparts have been initiated and will be discussed. Finally, a revised five-year plan, including additional research, development, and on-going collaboration options will be presented.


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