Michelle Oldham

My name is Michelle Oldham and I am currently a Managing Director of Business Development with Aquent/Vitamin T.  We are a digital marketing and UX placement firm. 

I strongly believe that I would be an excellent board member (Director of Marketing and Communications) based on my background in sales and marketing.  My current network of UX professionals and hiring managers within various corporations, agencies and other organizations is incredible.  I have a track record of working on successful marketing events with members of UXPA (Jennifer Romano-Bergstrom, Cory Lebson and Amanda Stockwell) and the value that I add is the power of my connections as well as getting many leading UX professionals to participate in various marketing activities.  Based on my passion for this field, my previous experience in the marketing space and the network that I have built over 18+ years I would be a true asset to your organization.  I proudly throw my hat into the ring and hope that you will choose me to be your new Director of Marketing and Communications for the fabulous UXPA organization!

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