Assistant Professor of Innovative Media

The Innovative Media program (IM) reimagines education via experiential, team-driven projects. We engage students in creative problem solving, interdisciplinary teamwork and entrepreneurial development, all while leveraging the latest technology. IM seeks a colleague focused on undergraduate teaching in a liberal arts environment. Current projects include app development, virtual reality modules, virtual tours, drone videography, web publication with AR and VR storytelling techniques, and more. We seek applicants knowledgeable in media, new media design, and technology-based product development. Useful skills may include knowledge of tools and concepts for AR and VR, UI and UX design, communication design, or physical product prototyping. Skills in graphic and multimedia design, media technology, data visualization, user interface, user experience, or game creation techniques may be valuable. Tenure-track faculty are expected to teach and advise, produce research and/or creative work, and share in service including committee assignments.

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