UXPA International 2017 Volunteer Service Award Winners

UXPA International is an organization run by volunteers who dedicate minutes, hours, and days to bring resources and spread the word about the wonderful world of user experience. Since our organization is world-wide, we aim to boost that focus on internationalization through our members and task-forces. As such, many of our volunteers come from locations around the globe.

One of our very special groups of international volunteers is the UXPA Magazine Translations team, a group of more than 20 people who have served  since 2010 as translation reviewers for the Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish abstracts, excerpts, and even some of the fullarticles of our magazine. These individuals are not licensed translators but enthusiastic, bilingual (most of them even trilingual) UX professionals who want to spread the word about UX in their own local language, throughout their local markets.

We are proud to be able to honor these generous UX professionals.

At our UXPA 2017 International Conference in Toronto, we acknowledged this cosmopolitan group of selfless professionals with the UXPA Volunteer Service Award. We thank this generous team who, over the years, have helped build a UX body of knowledge in five languages and significantly furthered our mission of making UXPA and UX much more international in focus.

Specifically, we are deeply grateful to:

  • Adriana Betiol for her facilitation of Portuguese translation reviews,
  • Zhengjie Liu and his team their work with Chinese translation reviews,
  • Noriko Osaka and her team for their focus on Japanese translation reviews,
  • Huatong Yim and his team for their effort with Korean translation reviews,
  • and everyone on the Spanish reviewing team, who I am privileged to lead.

We hope to keep expanding our international teams and to broaden the group that the former UXPA Magazine Translation Manager, Alice Preston, started seven years ago. We always seek enthusiastic people who want to spread the voice of our magazine and user experience in their own local languages.

Want to help? Please contact Claudia Gutierrez, UXPA Director of Publications, via claudia.gutierrez@uxpa.org.