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Book Title Author(s) Hard Cover Regular Price Paperback/Ebook Regular Price UXPA Member Discount Book Link
A Web for Everyone: Designing Accessible User Experiences Sarah Horton and Whitney Quesenbery $55.00 Paperback and Ebook $39.00 20%
Acting with Technology: Activity Theory and Interaction Design Victor Kaptelinin and Bonnie Nardi $8.75 Paperback $25.00 30%
Advances in Affective and Pleasurable Design Yong Gu Ji $87.95 Ebook $79.16 20%
Adversarial Design Carl DiSalvo Paperback $25.00 Ebook $18.00 30%
Build Better Products: Modern Approach to Building Successful User-Centered Products Laura Klein Paperback and Ebook $39.00 Ebook $22.00 20%
Architectural Intelligence: How Designers and Architects Created the Digital Landscape Molly Wright Steenson $34.95 Ebook $24.95 30%
Building Mobile Experiences Frank Bentley and Edward Barrett $36.00 Ebook $36.00 30%
Building Smart Cities: Analytics, ICT, and Design Thinking Carol L. Stimmel $89.95 Ebook $80.96 20%
Card Sorting: Designing Usable Categories Donna Spencer Ebook $22.00 20%
Content Everywhere: Strategy and Structure for Future-Ready Content Sara Wachter-Boettcher Paperback and Ebook $39.00, Ebook $22.00 20%
Cross-Cultural Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience Design: A Semiotic Perspective Jan Brejcha $89.95 Ebook $80.96 20%
Design for Care: Innovating Healthcare Experience Peter Jones Paperback and Ebook $39.00 Ebook $22.00 20%
Design for Kids: Digital Products for Playing and Learning Debra Levin Gelman Paperback and Ebook $39.00 Ebook $22.00 20%
Design Is the Problem: The Future of Design Must Be Sustainable Nathan Shedroff Ebook $22.00 20%
Designing Agentive Technology: AI That Works for People Christopher Noessel Paperback and Ebook $39.00 Ebook $22.00 20%
Designing Interactions Bill Moggridge $60.95 30%
Designing Interface Animation: Meaningful Motion for User Experience Val Head Paperback and Ebook $39.00 Ebook $22.00 20%
Designing Media Bill Moggridge $43.95 Ebook $30.95 30%
Designing the User Experience of Game Development Tools David Lightbown $195.00 Paperback $51.95 Ebook $46.76 20%
Doorbells, Danger, and Dead Batteries: User Research War Stories Steve Portigal Paperback and Ebook $39.00 Ebook $22.00 20%
Eye Tracking in User Experience Design Jennifer Romano Bergstrom and Andrew Schall Paperback and Ebook $118.90 Paperback $59.95 Ebook $58.95 30%
Eye Tracking the User Experience: A Practical Guide to Research Aga Bojko Paperback and Ebook $39.00 Ebook $22.00 20%
Fundamentals of User-Centered Design: A Practical Approach Brian Still and Kate Crane Paperback and Ebook $119.95 Ebook $107.96 20%
Games User Research: A Case Study Approach Miguel Angel Garcia-Ruiz $129.95 Ebook $116.96 20%
Interaction Design for 3D User Interfaces: The World of Modern Input Devices for Research, Applications, and Game Development Francisco R. Ortega, Fatemeh Abyarjoo, Armando Barreto, Naphtali Rishe, and Malek Adjouadi $89.95 Ebook $80.96 20%
Interviewing Users: How to Uncover Compelling Insights Steve Portigal Paperback and Ebook $39.00 Ebook $22.00 20%
Inventing the Medium: Principles of Interaction Design as a Cultural Practice Janet Murray $57.00 Ebook $57.00 30%
Laws of Simplicity John Maeda $23.95 Ebook $16.95 30%
Living with Complexity Don Norman Paperback $20.95 Ebook $14.95 30%
Make It So: Interaction Design Lessons from Science Fiction Nathan Shedroff and Christopher Noessel Paperback and Ebook $39.00 Ebook $22.00 20%
Making Design Theory Johan Redström $30.00 Ebook $21.00 30%
Managing Chaos: Digital Governance by Design Lisa Welchman Paperback and Ebook $39.00 Ebook $22.00 20%
Mental Models: Aligning Design Strategy with Human Behavior Indi Young Ebook $22.00 20%
Playful Design: Creating Game Experiences in Everyday Interfaces John Ferrara Paperback and Ebook $39.00 Ebook $22.00 20%
Practical Empathy: For Collaboration and Creativity in Your Work Indi Young Paperback and Ebook $39.00 Ebook $22.00 20%
Press On: Principles of Interaction Programming Harold Thimbleby $10.75 Paperback $30.00 30%
Project Management for Humans: Helping People Get Things Done Brett Harned Paperback and Ebook $39.00 Ebook $22.00
Prototyping: A Practitioner’s Guide Todd Zaki Warfel Ebook $22.00 20%
Rapidly Prototyping Interfaces with InDesign Carla Viviana Cordova Chacon Paperback $39.95 20%
Remote Research: Real Users, Real Time, Real Research Nate Bolt and Tony Tulathimutte Ebook $22.00 20%
Responsive Web Design Toolkit: Hammering Websites Into Shape Ken Tabor $39.95 Paperback $39.95 Ebook $35.96 20%
Return on Engagement: Content Strategy and Web Design Techniques for Digital Marketing Tim Frick and Kate Eyler-Werve Paperback $34.95 Ebook $31.46 20%
Search Analytics for Your Site: Conversations with Your Customers Louis Rosenfeld Ebook $22.00 20%
See What I Mean: How to Use Comics to Communicate Ideas Kevin Cheng Ebook $22.00 20%
Service Design: From Insight to Implementation Andy Polaine, Ben Reason and Lavrans Løvlie Paperback and Ebook $39.00 Ebook $22.00 20%
Storytelling for User Experience: Crafting Stories for Better Design Whitney Quesenbery and Kevin Brooks Ebook $22.00 20%
Taking [A]part: The Politics and Aesthetics of Participation in Experience-Centered Design John McCarthy and Peter Wright $37.00 Ebook $26.00 30%
The Design of Everyday Things, Revised and Expanded Edition Don Norman Paperback $26.95 30%
The Design Studio Method: Creative Problem Solving with UX Sketching Brian Sullivan $195.00 Paperback $39.95 Ebook $35.96 20%
The Fabric of Interface: Mobile Media, Design, and Gender Stephen Monteiro $30.00 Ebook $21.00 30%
The Gamer’s Brain: How Neuroscience and UX Can Impact Video Game Design Celia Hodent $149.95 Paperback $49.95 20%
The Mobile Frontier: A Guide for Designing Mobile Experiences Rachel Hinman Paperback and Ebook $39.00 Ebook $22.00 20%
The User Experience Team of One: A Research and Design Survival Guide Leah Buley Paperback and Ebook $39.00 Ebook $22.00 20%
The User’s Journey: Storymapping Products that People Love Donna Lichaw Paperback and Ebook $39.00 Ebook $22.00 20%
The UX Careers Handbook Cory Lebson $119.95 Paperback $39.95 20%
Theory of User Engineering Masaaki Kurosu $89.95 Ebook $80.96 20%
Things that Keep Us Busy Lars-Erik Janlert and Erik Stolterman $35.00 Ebook $24.00 30%
Thoughtful Interaction Design: A Design Perspective on Information Technology Jonas Löwgren and Erik Stolterman Paperback $30.00 Ebook $21.00 30%
Usability Testing for Survey Research Emily Geisen and Jennifer Romano Bergstrom Paperback and Ebook $99.00 Paperback $49.95 Ebook $49.95 30%
UX Style Frameworks: Creating Collaborative Standards Marti Gold $134.96 Paperback $44.95 Ebook $40.46 20%
Validating Product Ideas: Through Lean User Research Tomer Sharon Paperback and Ebook $39.00 Ebook $22.00 20%
Web Form Design: Filling in the Blanks Luke Wroblewski Ebook $22.00 20%
Why We Fail: Learning from Experience Design Failures Victor Lombardi Paperback and Ebook $39.00 Ebook $22.00 20%
Think Outside the Country John Yunker Paperback $29.00 20% & Free US Shipping