2018 UXPA Conference Visionary Package

  • Thanks on Social Media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) and in newsletters leading up to conference
  • Logo on UXPA 2018 Conference Website
  • Logo on UXPA Organization Website for 1 year
  • Logo in Conference Mobile App
  • Logo shown on large displays at the beginning of each day
  • Facebook "Public Thanks” targeted ads – boosted every day leading up to conference 
  • Advertisement in UXPA magazine for 3 months
  • Sponsor recognition posters at... Read More

2018 UXPA Conference Printed Marketing Collateral

Items will be given to each attendee in the conference welcome package.

(*The items will need to be delivered 4 weeks before conference.)


2018 UXPA Conference Contributor Package

  • Thanks on Social Media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) and in newsletters leading up to conference
  • Logo on UXPA 2018 Conference Website
  • Logo on UXPA Organization Website for 1 year
  • Logo in the Conference Program

Sponsored Industry Survey

Pricing: Partner survey with UXPA guidance and marketing.

Launch an industry survey and get the attention of thousands of top professionals by working with UXPA to help promote your insights. Our board will provide  guidance on the design, launch and analysis and UXPA will market the results in our newsletter and on our website. Surveys will be co-sponsored with your logo and UXPA branding. 

To Get Started: Contact Read More


Consultants Directory

Pricing: $00 Per Year, available only for active members

A dedicated block on our Consultants Directory showcasing your logo and contact information which links to a dedicated page with your consultancy details.

Details: Please include your company name, logo, a brief description (300 characters or less), URL and contact details including mailing address if applicable, phone number,... Read More


Job Postings

Pricing: $100 for a 3 month website posting at

Jobs are not only posted on our job board but also shared via our social marketing and occassionally appear amongst other job opportunities in our newsletter.

Details: Please include the Job Title, Hiring Company and Job Description.

To Get Started: Follow instructions on


Member Discount Provider

Pricing: Free benefit for partners.

Long term partnership through UXPA with member discounts provides you with a dedicated area on our Membership Discount page at This includes a link to your website and offering. Members are required to login for the details to redeem your discount or offering. 

Details: Please include your company logo and details of the discount.

Logo Formats... Read More


Organizational Sponsor

Pricing: $2500 per year

Show your dedication to the industry by becoming an organizational sponsor. We will highlight your sponsorship with prime visibility by showing your logo on our homepage as well as our sponsorship page. Your sponsorship tells the world that you are committked to creating and evaluating usable products. It also communicates to your industry, your customer and potential employees your support of usability and user-centered design.

By becoming a UXPA... Read More


Webinar Sponsor

Pricing $1200 per webinar

Exclusive sponsorship for one of our educational webinars. We will assign you the next available webinar, or you can work with us to help select a speaker. We will promote you in a speaking mention at the beginning of the event as well as includes your logo on our introduction slide. You will also be alloted two minutes at the beginning of the webinar to speak about your organization to attendees. Your sponsorship will be noted on our newsletter and website... Read More


UXPA Magazine Translation Sponsorship

Pricing $2000 per year per language 

We welcome ads to support translations of all article titles and abstracts in Espanol, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese or Chinese. All prices are in US dollars. Language sponsorship ads appear in an exclusive position above our ads list on the homepage of the sponsored language as well as the English home page. 

Ad Formats Accepted: 

  • Format: JPEG, PNG or GIF
  • No animation or other moving elements

Size: 291pxwide... Read More


UXPA Magazine Ads

3 months for $400, 1 year for $1200 (25% off)

All ads are rotated into the placement locations on an equal basis:

  • Magazine Home Page (up to 5 ads)
  • Issue home page (up to 5 ads)
  • Search and category pages (up to 4 ads)
  • Article pages (up to 2 ads)

Details: Please include web address for the ad to link to. 

Ad Formats Accepted:

  • Format: JPEG, PNG or GIF
  • No animation or other moving elements

Size:... Read More


Newsletter Cross Promotion Blurb

Pricing: Provided in exchange for partner marketing of equal or greater value.

Blurbs can be up to 500 characters with an optional image up to 600x250 depending on the exchange of marketing. More than one partner may have blurbs in a single newsletter. 

Details: Please include all text for the blurb including headings and call to action URL where applicable. 

Image Formats Accepted: Transparent PNG, EPS, AI

To Get Started: Contact... Read More


Newsletter Sponsorship

Pricing: $1500 for one newsletter, $2750 for two newsletters

Sponsorship ads will appear twice in the newsletter they sponsor and where possible are placed within the content. Text is also provided at the top and bottom of the newsletter indicating the name of the sponsoring company and their sponsorship of the newsletter. This text guarantees that your name will appear in the preview line of the newsletter when viewed in in-boxes with preview mode turned on. Your sponsorship is... Read More


Inscripción para el Curso: Pasos para Desarrollar un Gobierno de UX dentro de una organización

Cuatro clases online los Miércoles a las 12 PM EST los días 7 de marzo, 14 de marzo, 21 de marzo y 28 de marzo, 2018


Claudia Gutiérrez, Directora Digital y Académica, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile



Short Course Registration: Benchmarking the User Experience

Four 90-minute online lectures on Thursdays at 2 PM PST, Oct 5, 12, 19, and 26, 2017.

Jeff Sauro, Founding Principal, MeasuringU