Lily Basile – Volunteer Spotlight

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Sara Mastro, UXPA International President sits down with Lily Basile to discuss her volunteering with UXPA.

How did you first learn about UXPA International?

I learned about UXPA INTL through my job search! I’d found the website and had also met Ginny Hong, through a General Assembly portfolio review (UX bootcamp), and she let me know about the volunteer opportunities to get involved and help out!

What are your activities as a UXPA Intl Volunteer?

As the volunteer Visual Designer, I design the social graphics for the UXPA’s Facebook and Twitter. These graphics consist of webinar promos, job bank promos, mentorship cohort sign up flyers and more!

What motivated you to become a volunteer with us?

As a new grad of the UX Design Immersive at General Assembly, this opportunity was a perfect fit! I love to be involved in the connection between UX Designers and the ability to help promote that is amazing. It’s also been great to get some real world experience designing these social graphics.

What challenges have you encountered in your role as a volunteer?

Creative block!!! As I’m sure everyone reading this knows, it’s sooo real. That’s definitely the biggest challenge, thinking of compelling ways to get our members attention.

What is the most rewarding, the most enjoyable aspect of being a volunteer?

While creative block is the biggest challenge, getting through it is definitely the biggest reward. Once I see my finished product after having that initial block is amazing! And then seeing it on the Facebook group page always bring a smile to my face.

What would you say to someone who would like to become a volunteer?

Do it! If you have any extra time to volunteer, the team is so fun to work with and so inclusive, we always could use more help and it’s a great chance to also meet other people in the industry (:

How can people find out more and connect with you?

Feel free to reach out or connect with me on LinkedIn

If you would like to get involved with UXPA International, find out more on our volunteering page.

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