Senior Researcher, Innovation Insights

The Innovation Insights team is a critical group wintin User Centered Design (UCD) at Bose. We focus on the fuzzy front end of innovation, inspiring new products and experiences through a deep undersanding of human needs, attitudes and behaviors. We are looking for a senior researcher to join our team and help drive continued innovation at Bose.

This individual will manage research programs exploring a varietey of new opportunity spaces for Bose (most will be 3-5 years out). The techniques used will be heavily qualitiative, but the individual will also need familiarity with quantitative reasearch and syndicated data.

We are looking for a high-energy individual who works equally well with research colleagues, designers, engieneers, product managers and executives. The ideal cancidate will have emdonstrated epxerience conducting research that guides front-end innovation in a business environment.

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