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Combinando eye tracking con analítica web

10 de octubre de 2017 a 2 PM hora del Pacífico (San Francisco) / 11 AM ET (Nueva York) / 4 PM CDT (Perú)

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El análisis de los datos obtenidos con eyetrackers permite generar mapas con representaciones visuales del comportamiento durante la navegación y previo al clic. Tomar en cuenta estos reportes puede ayudar a reducir considerablemente los potenciales problemas de navegación. El objetivo de este webinar es comprender el valor agregado que ofrece un estudio de eye tracking sobre analítica web. Asimismo, se mostrará la utilidad de combinar ambos.

Presentador: Freddy Linares Torres

Director de proyectos, Neurometrics Egresado de la maestría de Neurociencias, Facultad de Medicina Humana, UNMSM https://www.linkedin.com/in/freddylinares/


Combining eye-tracking and web analytics

Oct 10, 2017 at 2 PM PT (San Francisco) / 11 AM ET (New York) / 4 PM CDT (Peru)

The analysis of data obtained with eye-tracking allows us to create visual representations of behavioral maps captured during navigation and before action (click). Taking these reports into account can greatly reduce potential problems with navigation. The objective of this webinar is to understand the value in combining eye tracking and web analytics.

Presenter: Freddy Linares Torres

Director of projects, Neurometrics. Masters in Neuroscience, College of Human Medicine, UNMSM.


Storytelling and the Art of Getting the Design Job

Oct 11, 2017 at 9 AM PT (San Francisco) / 12 PM ET (New York) / 6 PM CET (Paris)

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As designers, we focus on crafting the perfect web site or app. We agonize over our customer personas, the right flows, and making sure every pixel is perfect. When selling ourselves for our next job or project, we can use these same Experience Design skills to craft a detailed narrative that speaks to our target audience, the interviewers.
Design is a process of problem solving; during the  hiring process, we are trying to solve a two-sided problem, matching the best talent with the right project. A story-centered approach, in conjunction with other user-centered design techniques (including research and testing), can help to create superior outcomes. This talk will discuss the various steps in the interview process and how to nail them by focusing on the power of storytelling.

Presenter: Sharon Carmichael

Sharon Carmichael currently leads the Interaction Design community for Intuit’s award-winning TurboTax experience. In her twenty years working in the field of Experience Design at both large and small companies, she has hired numerous designers and reviewed hundreds of portfolios. Her pet peeves are typos, illegible fonts, and people who assume they can use her laptop to show their portfolio during an interview.


10 Research Guiding Principles (that we live and work by)

Nov 15, 2017 at 9 AM PT (San Francisco) / 12 PM ET (New York) / 6 PM CET (Paris)

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We’ve collaborated on design research for 15 years—now we’re going to share our top 10 lessons learned to help you become an (even more) awesome researcher.

Whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience, come to find out our lessons learned (with examples, strategies, and resources) to be even more effective as a design researcher.

Where our hard-earned lessons come from: We’ve done research at startups, large corporations, agencies and as independent consultants. We’ve done everything from ethnography to usability to optimization to hybrid experiments. We do research in-person, in groups, online, in labs, coffee shops, living rooms and offices. We do research globally and locally. We do research to support feature and product design, product strategy, communication, content, brand—whatever needs to be informed, we inform it.

We're passionate about design research and want to help you be a great researcher because time is ticking—get out there and be awesome!

Presenters: Beth Toland and Leah Rader

Beth and Leah have been doing research on physical and digital products and services for a really long time. Sometimes they’ve worked together on the same team, sometimes at different companies—but always intersecting and collaborating on their projects, methods, techniques, tools, resources and philosophical approach to research.

Leah Rader is Director of Design Research at Spring Studio, a research, strategy and design firm in San Francisco.

Beth Toland is Research Manager at Asana, an online tool for managing the tasks, communication, and collaboration that enables teamwork bliss.