Summer Workshop Extravaganza

Event Details

Logistics and format of the event

Location – IBM 76/78 Upper Ground, London SE1 9PZ
Date - Thursday 26th June 2014
18:30 - 19:00: Mixing and mingling with drinks and nibbles
19:00 - 21:00: Workshops (with half hour break)
21:00 - 21:30: Networking

Kaboom! Making comics to communicate user experiences - Bonny Colville-Hyde
Comics are powerful, visual communication tools that people love to read. In a business environment they can give clients and team members a fresh outlook on who their users are, and how they behave.
This is a fun and practical workshop that will introduce you to comics and what a ‘UX comic’ is. After looking at some example comics, you’ll learn how to make your first UX comic from scratch.
We’ll cover how storytelling and images can communicate information much faster than written reports. Plus we'll look at how the comic format is a powerful language in its own right.
You don’t need to be an artist to take part, we’ll share simple and easy ways to draw characters, set the scene and develop stories. By the end of the session you’ll have learned how to:
Analyse user research to identify stories
Develop characters that are recognisable and easy to draw
Structure your story so it flows and makes sense to a reader
Avoid common pitfalls
Use tools to speed up comic production
Plus you’ll take away your own unique comic!
We’ll provide all materials, you just need to bring a willingness to draw!

Using design rules and principles to evaluate and guide UX - Jon Dodd
The workshop will cement established design principles which can be used to evaluate interactive experiences, it will help attendees to be able to objectively assess and build in good practice, it will help designers to ignore established ‘rules’ with intent rather than through ignorance. It will probably also dispel some myths about what good design actually looks like (and if not at least fuel healthy debate!)
Things we will cover:
Review and discussion of some popular (and even famous) design rules covering interaction, perception, usability, persuasion and more
Exercise: rationalise into a bespoke set
Guided exercise: use to assess physical products and interfaces
Show and tell: each group presents findings back to the whole room
Attendees will be working in groups of 4 or 5 (depending on numbers) – it will be fun and largely hands on. Bring laptops/tablets/phones and your favourite physical interactive products.

How to become a better mentor - A live QA Panel
What is the point of mentoring? What are the benefits for both the mentor and the mentee? How can mentoring help teams develop stronger connections as well as providing professional development? We will explore questions like this and more at this months UXPA mentoring event.
We will be having a panel discussion of 4 mentors within various roles talking about their experiences of mentoring both internally within their own teams, and external via the UXPA. If you are a mentor, would like to be a mentor, or would like to be mentored, this is a perfect opportunity to hear from colleagues about their experiences, get your questions answered, contribute with your experiences and find out how mentoring is good for your career no matter where you are on the development ladder.
It will then unfold into a wider discussion talking about the state of affairs for people who want to grow in their careers - both from the standpoint of someone wanting to move up the ladder and also those that are trying to break into UX.
Our panel of mentors includes Caleb Tang, Kelsey Smith, John Waterworth and Michael Dingle

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