Car UX: Talking to Cars

Our cars are becoming a hub of new interactive technologies, giving drivers access to a wide range of information and entertainment options, and drivers are increasingly unwilling to disengage from their mobile devices in the car. Speech technologies hold the promise of providing a safer interface by enabling eyes-free, hands-free interactions for drivers. However, the usability and safety of automotive speech technologies are still very much in question. Join us for a discussion of the unique user interface and technical challenges for interactive speech systems used in vehicles. We will sort through the competing claims and explain what we really know about designing safe and usable automotive speech systems.

Speaker Yvonne Gloria is a voice recognition engineer at Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan. She is the lead core technical expert for the design, development, and implementation of speech recognition in the vehicle as well as the voice user interface for SYNC 3 globally.

Speaker Susan Hura is the COO at Witlingo, a company dedicated to providing meaningful, intuitive spoken experiences across multiple ubiquitous voice platforms. Susan is the owner of SpeechUsability, a consulting firm that specializes in collecting relevant, actionable data from end-users to make speech-enabled automation intuitive and appealing.