Welcome Claudia Bruckschwaiger as Our New Regional Director for Europe!

Claudia BruckschwaigerUXPA Europe Regional Director We are so excited to announce that Claudia Bruckschwaiger, managing partner at Swohlwahr in Vienna, Austria, has accepted the position of Europe Regional Director. Claudia is also serving as Deputy Chair of the Accreditation Board for theInternational Accreditation Program for UX Professionals and we all recently got to meet in person at UXPA 2023 in Austin, Texas last month! We asked Claudia a few questions so our members can learn a little about our newest Board Member! 1) How did you get started in UX? Starting out as a user interface designer in early 2000 was my first step into UX, with a brief detour into the gaming industry. User experience and demand-driven design had a huge impact …

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Get to Know the New President of the UXPA Boston Chapter!

To celebrate the newly appointed president of the UXPA Boston Chapter, Jana Pantoja, the Vice President and Director of Chapters, sat down with Nick Di Stefano, to ask him our top 5 questions. 1) Tell us a little about yourself.I’m fascinated by the intersection of design, technology, and people. I’m a design lead with over ten years of experience. I am currently part of Humana’s Experience Center, an internal innovation and incubation team that believes the best care experiences are created when people come together. I’m passionate about improving the lives of others and constantly looking to learn new things. My focus has been on helping organizations expand their capacity for impact by integrating design and people-centered practices into their …

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Volunteer Spotlight: Angelina Garcia

Sara Mastro, UXPA International President, sat down with Angelina Garcia to ask her our top 5 questions. 1) How did you get started in UX?I started out as a Graphic Designer and transitioned into UX. I feel like it was a natural progression in my career. 2) What is most rewarding about working in UX?For me, it’s being able to use both parts of my brain. The analytical side to conduct research and synthesize that research. And the creative side to take that research and create a great looking product that will (hopefully) make peoples’ lives easier. 3) What inspired you to start volunteering for UXPA International?In 2022, I co-presented at UX Y’all, put on by the Triangle chapter, and …

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