Call for nominations - UXPA International Board 2019

Open Positions:  Four Directors at Large needed

The Director At Large, once elected, will work with the UXPA International Board of Directors to determine their area of responsibility based on their UXPA volunteer experience, their candidate statement and the current needs of the Board. The Board is especially interested in recruiting an At Large Director with the background and strategic planning skills necessary to help us develop, foster and maintain a relationship with UXPA members and create a more fully international organization.

The Director at Large positions require:

  • Addressing concerns quickly as they arise
  • A commitment of at least 20 hours per month

Below are possible positions that the Director at Large position may fill. Candidates should indicate the experience they have had in any of these domains, where applicable, and in other volunteer roles.

Director of Marketing and Communications

The Director of Marketing and Communications is responsible for all UXPA International branding and communications, including our monthly newsletter, social media, and our International Conference promotions. This Director role works closely with other Directors to understand needs and to collect content.

Director of Chapters

The Director of Chapters is responsible for working closely with the Regional Directors to identify opportunities to grow the organization by way of new chapters and by providing ongoing support and resources to existing chapters. The Director works to understand Chapters' needs, and helps new chapters get established (e.g., by sharing bylaws and chapter docs).

Director of Web

The Director of Web is responsible for maintaining the org presence on web, which includes our main website, our conference website(s), our magazine website and our journal website. The Director works with other UXPA International Directors to understand needs and leads a committee who assists in posting/maintaining content.

Director of Publications

The Director of Publications is responsible for setting the strategic approach to advance and enhance the publications that are supported by the User Experience Professional Association (The UXPA Magazine and Journal of Usability Studies), as well as propose and define new content strategical approaches for possible new publications.

The Director of Publications is responsible for the following duties:

  • Managing and planning new themes and issues for our two main publications: the User Experience Magazine and the Journal of Usability Studies
  • Ensure a publication calendar is maintained in both publications
  • Audit and control of the incomes and expenses for UXPA Publications, and keep a fluent information flow with UXPA Treasurer for this matters
  • Explore and find new sponsorship opportunities for Publications
  • Explore and find new publication trends in both academic journals and professional magazines industries
  • Arrange and lead the marketing opportunities for all UXPA Publications as well as ensure to market publications in UXPA official content channels.
  • Ensure a correct indexation policy and anti plagiarism good practices are kept in academic content, in particular, the Journal of Usability Studies.
  • Extend UXPA publications influence in the UX industry, as well as in combination with other UXPA developments, such as Education, Content, Marketing, Web, etc,

Director of Education

The Director of Education is responsible for planning education programs for UXPA International. The current programs include webinars, short courses, and online panel discussions. The Director coordinates scheduling, content, and communication with speakers. Also, the Director works closely with the Director of Marketing to coordinate strategies to promote courses and with the Director of Chapters to understand the educational needs of UX professionals.

Director of Strategic Partnerships

The Director of Strategic Partnerships will help to coordinate, develop and encourage UXPA’s strategic partnerships with leading companies and organizations in the User Experience field.
Duties may include: identifying partnership and sponsorship opportunities, building, and fostering relationships with partners and organization leaders, collaborating closely with the Director of Events on possible partnerships for UXPA events (e.g., the International Conferences and webinars).

Director of Finance

The Director of Finance is responsible for all financial activities for UXPA, including:

  • Tracking income and expenses at least weekly
  • Working with the bookkeeper to address issues in the financial reports
  • Generating monthly financial statements and summaries
  • Preparing an annual budget that addresses operational, publications, and conference needs
  • Providing financial support for conference planning
  • Working with the accountant on tax returns and financial reviews
  • Drafting policies related to financial concerns
  • Addressing other financial concerns quickly as they arise
  • A commitment of at least 30 hours per month

Candidates must be familiar with QuickBooks and accounting practices for non-profits. They must have leadership experience in financial management for non-profits.  Experience as a Treasurer for a local chapter of UXPA or another professional association is strongly preferred.

Nominee Eligibility and Responsibilities

Nominees must:

  • Be members of UXPA International by September 24th;
  • Have leadership experience on (a) International UXPA activities or (b) similar experience with related organizations.

Board members are responsible for leading the efforts of the organization and are expected to contribute an average of 20 hours per month to UXPA International activities. This includes monthly conference calls and attending three in-person meetings per year. We hold the in-person meetings at the beginning of the year and again immediately before or after the annual conference, and towards the end of the year. Board members are also expected to attend the annual conference. Board members are reimbursed for travel expenses for in-person board meetings.

Nomination for a Board position does not guarantee that you will be included on the ballot. The Elections Committee recommends nominees to the Board based on each nominee’s professional and UXPA volunteer experience, their candidate statement, and the current needs of the Board.

You may learn more about the current UXPA Board of Directors at

Election Schedule:

September 19: Call for nominations open
September 28: Nominations close, candidate submits required information
October 1 - 5: Meet with elections committee to discuss interest and qualifications
October 8: Final forms and signed agreement due from nominees
October 12: Slate of nominees approved by Board of Directors
October 19 – Nov 2: Online voting
November 9: Election results announced
January/February: In-person Board Meeting attended by newly elected board members

Call for Nominations

The following information is required for nominations:

  • Candidate’s name and affiliation (company, school, etc.)
  • Contact information: email address and phone number
  • Brief description of why the candidate will be an effective Board member.

You can nominate yourself or someone else who you think would be a great board member.

Before being placed on the ballot, nominees are required to meet with a member of the Elections Committee to discuss their interest and qualifications. If accepted by the Elections Committee, the nominee is required to submit additional information such as a candidate statement, background information and the position(s) in which the nominee is interested in. The Elections Committee will also send a Contract of Commitment for the nominee to complete and return.

Send nominations to:

Voting Requirements

If you want to vote for candidates for open board positions during the UXPA 2019 Elections, you must be a member as of October 12th, 2017.

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