Call for Nominations - Director of Volunteers

Director of Volunteers

The Director of Volunteers is responsible for coordinating all volunteer efforts at UXPA International, primarily the annual conference. Duties include:

  • Working with UXPA International Conference chairs to coordinate volunteers duties during Conference.
  • Assembling and coordinating volunteer teams and assigning different roles and duties according to organizational needs.
  • Acting as a liaison with the Board of Directors to articulate and align volunteers efforts with core needs for other UXPA International Directors.
  • Shaping, leading, and maintaining an international group of volunteers to maintain and establish partnerships to help UXPA Conference exposure.
  • A commitment of at least 20 to 30 hours per month.


Candidates must have participated on the UXPA International Conference committee for at least one year and must have had previous experience as a UXPA International volunteer for at least three years. S/he must also have group leadership experience, preferably in similar activities. Project management and budgeting experience is also required.


  1. Nominee must:
    • Be a member of UXPA International by November 18th,
    • Have leadership experience on (A) global UXPA International activities and/or (B) similar experience with related organizations
    • Have participated on the UXPA International Conference Commitee for at least one year
    • Have been a UXPA International volunteer for at least 3 years
    • Have group leadership experience, preferably in similar activities.
  2. Board members are responsible for leading the efforts of the organization and are expected to contribute an average of 20 -30 hours per month to UXPA International activities. This includes monthly conference calls and attending up to three in-person meetings per year. UXPA International holds in-person meetings at the beginning of the year, immediately before or after the annual conference, and towards the end of the year. Board members are also expected to attend and volunteer their time in support of the annual conference. Board members are reimbursed for travel expenses for in-person board meetings. UXPA International provides free admission to Board members to attend the annual conference.
  3. Nomination for a Board role does not guarantee that you will be included on the ballot. The Elections Committee recommends nominees to the Board based on each nominee’s professional and UXPA International volunteer experience, candidate statement, and current Board needs.

You may learn more about the current UXPA International Board of Directors at

Call for Nominations - Required Information

Submit the following information to the Elections Committee by email at

  • Candidate’s name and affiliation (company, school, etc.)
  • Email address and phone number
  • Brief description of why the candidate will be an effective Board member

Interested candidates must discuss their interest and qualifications with a member of the Elections Committee before being placed on the ballot. Once we accept the nomination, we will ask the nominee for additional information such as a candidate statement, background information, and the position(s) in which the nominee is interested.

We will also send a Contract of Commitment for the nominee to complete and return.

If you are interested in running for the Board, or have questions, you can reach the Elections Committee at