Facilitation can get you a seat at the table: How to convert any design meeting into a co-creation opportunity


Friday, October 7, 14, 21 & 28

  • 3pm4pm ET
  • 2pm-3pm CT
  • 12pm – 1pm PT

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Facilitation can get you a seat at the table: How to convert any design meeting into a co-creation opportunity. When I was starting out as a designer, I had a lot of solid ideas that never made the roadmap. The problem wasn’t that my solutions were inadequate, the problem was that I wasn’t aligned with my product and engineering counterparts on which problems were worth solving. So one day, instead of sharing my research readout, I ran a co-synthesis workshop, and this started my journey into facilitation. In this talk, I will share a formula (with lots of examples and recipes) for how to turn any design-led meeting into a co-creation opportunity. Instead of verbose meetings with one person speaking 80% of the time, how might we use our time together to surface unspoken issues, make space for intense back and forth discussions, and converge decisively. We will talk through some common design meetings – stand-ups, critiques, ideation sessions, research readouts, and even the dreaded “fun” team meeting. We will learn about the four new rules of gathering that I have developed after having facilitated hundreds of design workshops coaching dozens of design teams:

  1. Using visual communication, instead of words
  2. Doing the work in the meeting, instead of presentations
  3. Creating space for silent divergence, instead of verbal domination
  4. Ensuring we converge decisively, instead of simply discussing amiably Attendees will get a chance to reflect on their current meetings, and try to apply the new rules of gathering to their own meetings (using pen and paper). This will be an interactive talk that will spur the audience into action
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About Shipra Kayan

I have a decade of experience an in-house design director at Unicorns during which I have built inclusive, engaged and effective distributed design teams. With multiple years as an independent design coach, I have transformed remote-averse enterprise design teams into iterative design thinkers working in a hybrid/remote setting.