Mentorship Program for September – November

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Earlier this year, UXPA International rolled out a Mentorship Program matching those who wanted some professional guidance with industry professionals who have worked in UX for five or more years. The first round ran from March-April, and it was a resounding success. 111 mentees were matched with 83 mentors, and some of those relationships have continued beyond the program!

While the program was a success, we still wanted to improve. We examined survey results, debriefed with some mentors and mentees, and we chatted with other orgs who host mentorship programs. As a result, we are proud to announce the next round of the UXPA Mentorship Program! In this round: 

  • There will be 3 tiers.
    • Mentorship – the most guidance (meet to discuss resume, interviews, etc.)
    • Internship – moderate guidance (hands-on experience)
    • Apprenticeship – little guidance, for people who have the skills and need to gain experience (hands-on experience)
  • We will have more structure.
    • Example syllabus for mentorship
    • Conversation starters in Slack
    • Group coaching sessions
  • We will vet the mentors to ensure high-quality mentorship.
  • We would like to give recognition to the mentors.

The next round will take place Sept-Nov, 2019, and applications are due Aug 17, 2019. 

If you are a mentee and would like a mentor, please fill out the Mentee application here. Mentees must be a member of UXPA International.

If you would like to mentor someone, please complete this Mentor application. You must have five years of experience in the industry and be willing to meet with your match at least once a week.  

Please email with questions. 

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