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Usabilidad "on the go": evaluar productos en el contexto del usuario

26 de abril de 2017 a las 8 AM PT (San Francisco) / 11 AM (Nueva York) / 5 PM CET (París). 

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Utilizar metodologías ágiles para el diseño de experiencia de usuario en proyectos de innovación, implica adaptarse muchas veces a escenarios diversos donde no siempre se tiene el tiempo, el equipo o el presupuesto para realizar estudios especializados de usabilidad. En esta charla, a partir de dos casos prácticos en empresas de retail, compartiremos nuestro aprendizaje haciendo pruebas de usabilidad en contextos donde el usuario se encuentra en movimiento o realizando otras actividades y deberás convencerlo de que te ayude a probar tu producto. ¿Cómo saber si es el usuario correcto?¿Cómo abordarlo?¿Qué debo planear?¿Cómo hacer el análisis?

Presentadores: María Isabel Murillo y Natalia Vivas 

Co-directoras de Usaria Colombia, comunicadoras sociales colombianas, comparten más de 12 años de experiencias en proyectos centrados en la experiencia de las personas, combinan sus conocimientos en investigación con usuarios y arquitectura de información, para abordar diferentes problemas de diseño tanto en nacientes startups como en equipos de innovación de grandes compañías. María Isabel cuenta con estudios especializados de Mercadotecnia Electrónica y Natalia cursa actualmente cursa una maestría en Gerencia de la Innovación y el Conocimiento. Ambas han sido docentes de diversas universidades colombianas, entre ellas la Universidad Eafit, la Escuela de Ingeniería y la Universidad del Cauca.

Usability on the go: evaluation of products in the user's context

Apr 26, 2017 at 8 AM PT (San Francisco) / 11 AM ET (New York) / 5 PM CET (Paris).

The use of agile methodologies in innovation projects for UX design means abiding to budget, time, and people constraints because you don´t always have enough resources to do specialized usability studies. In this webinar, we will talk about specific real cases and share our experiences doing usability tests when a user is on the go or busy and you must convince him/her to help you try the product.

Presenters: María Isabel Murillo y Natalia Vivas 
Our co-presenters of Usaria, Colombia share more than 12 years of experience in UX projects. María Isabel has done graduate studies in eMarketing, and Natalia Vivas is currently studying for a Master's in Innovation and Knowledge Management.


Conversational User Interfaces: Past and Future

May 23, 2017 at 8 AM PT (San Francisco) / 11 AM ET (New York) / 5 PM CET (Paris)

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How can chatbots learn from existing VUI design? What makes these new interfaces different, and how are they similar? Where do the Alexas and Siris come into the mix? We’ll discuss text-based vs. voice-based conversational user interfaces, and the landscape of Conversational User Interfaces, now and into the future.

Presenter: Crispin Reedy

Crispin Reedy is a Voice User Experience designer and usability professional with over 10 years of front-line design, speech usability, and tuning experience across a variety of industries, including financial, telecommunications, health care and transportation. She is interested helping teams make excellent design decisions and how we can best leverage real-world data to achieve those goals. She has previously spoken at SpeechTEK, UXPA International, Dallas Tech Fest, Dallas Startup Week and Big Design Conference, and is currently serving as President of AVIxD


10 Research Guiding Principles (that we live and work by)

June 21, 2017 at 9 AM PT (San Francisco) / 12 PM ET (New York) / 6 PM CET (Paris)

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We’ve collaborated on design research for 15 years—now we’re going to share our top 10 lessons learned to help you become an (even more) awesome researcher.

Whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience, come to find out our lessons learned (with examples, strategies, and resources) to be even more effective as a design researcher.

Where our hard-earned lessons come from: We’ve done research at startups, large corporations, agencies and as independent consultants. We’ve done everything from ethnography to usability to optimization to hybrid experiments. We do research in-person, in groups, online, in labs, coffee shops, living rooms and offices. We do research globally and locally. We do research to support feature and product design, product strategy, communication, content, brand—whatever needs to be informed, we inform it.

We're passionate about design research and want to help you be a great researcher because time is ticking—get out there and be awesome!

Presenters: Beth Toland and Leah Rader

Beth and Leah have been doing research on physical and digital products and services for a really long time. Sometimes they’ve worked together on the same team, sometimes at different companies—but always intersecting and collaborating on their projects, methods, techniques, tools, resources and philosophical approach to research.

Leah Rader is Director of Design Research at Spring Studio, a research, strategy and design firm in San Francisco.

Beth Toland is Research Manager at Asana, an online tool for managing the tasks, communication, and collaboration that enables teamwork bliss.


UX-Led Content Strategy: Getting to the Core of Every Experience

Aug 16, 2017 at 9 AM PT (San Francisco) / 12 PM ET (New York) / 6 PM CET (Paris)

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Content is a bigger part of UX than most realized. In fact, user satisfaction of any experience is determined by how well the content meets their needs and expectations. In this talk we’ll expand our understanding and definition of content. Spoiler, it’s not just about text on a page, and it’s not just relevant to the web, and it goes deeper than information architecture. Content can, and should, be measured for its functional efficacy. As the crafters of the experience, it’s our right and responsibility to influence the creation of content so it moves users mentally, emotionally, and physically the way we intend. We’ll talk about tools and techniques UX can use to ensure the content of the experience lives up to user's expectations. Most important, we’ll see there are big rewards for UX when we take on this responsibility.

Presenter: Mike Donahue

Mike Donahue is a Senior UX Architect at Citrix in South Florida, where he lives with his wife Nikki and their dogs (their "daughters"), Layla and Cassidy. When not working, Mike is reading books on psychology and behavior or talking someone’s ear off about the value of designing for emotions. When he needs a break from all that, he grabs his camera and gets out in nature to get his “Zen on” taking photos. Nature and wildlife photography is Mike's artistic outlet and mental salvation.