Designing for Privacy

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Privacy and Security go hand in hand. As designers, we often consider security as a key requirement while leaving the privacy aspect to product managers and lawyers. But are there things we can learn about how people view privacy, and begin to design our solutions to maximize their ability to understand how our tools and solutions will impact them? Shawn Kenney, UX Architect with IBM Security and Brian Anderson,UX Team Lead with COX Communications will discuss the challenges around designing for privacy and recent design trends being made to address them.

Shawn Kenney is a Cleveland based User Experience Architect with IBM Security, focusing on the company’s Managed Security Service products. Through his work in designing for the security space, he has also taken an additional interest in the challenges of privacy from a design perspective and where the security and privacy bump into each other.

Brian Anderson is a user experience architect that has designed products and services for the information security industry for almost 10 years. He holds several patents related to security technologies and has also spoken at industry conferences on security, privacy, and trust. Currently he is working in the cable industry, improving the user experience for Cox Communications customers.