Volunteer Spotlight: Angelina Garcia

Sara Mastro, UXPA International President, sat down with Angelina Garcia to ask her our top 5 questions. 1) How did you get started in UX?I started out as a Graphic Designer and transitioned into UX. I feel like it was

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Let’s Celebrate World Usability Day 2022!

Did you know that November 10th is World Usability Day (WUD)? Established in 2005 by the User Experience Professionals Association (formerly the Usability Professionals Association, UPA), World Usability Day (WUD) occurs annually to promote the values of usability, usability engineering,

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K12 Education Initiative

Hello, fellow UXPA members and members of the UX community! The New Jersey chapter of UXPA, in conjunction with UXPA International, is leading an effort to create a dozen ready-to-use lesson plans for middle school and high school teachers in

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The Next Chapter is Here for UXPA’s Journal!

The Journal of Usability Studies (https://uxpajournal.org/) has a long history (our first issue was in the fall of 2005) of publishing high quality articles focused on research-based usability best practices. The time has (finally) come for the journal to join

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