Call for Nominations for 2022-2025 UXPA International Board of Directors

UXPA International has opened a call for nominations for three roles on the Board of Directors.  We are seeking nominations from individuals interested in contributing their time and energy to the association, leading our strategy, and ensuring we continue to grow our field.  Those who are interested must meet the following general requirements:

  • be a member of UXPA International by the close of the nomination period, Wednesday, April 27 at 5 p.m. PT
  • have previous volunteer and/or leadership experience in a not-for-profit professional trade association
  • be willing to commit 20 hours or more per month (typically 5-8 hours per week) to work on UXPA initiatives, both specific to their role and in collaboration with other board members and volunteers
  • be able to attend monthly Board calls via Zoom, as well as additional meetings related to their role
  • be able to travel to 2-3 in-person board meetings per year, held over weekends, one to coincide with the UXPA International annual conference (UXPA pays travel expenses)

Election Timeline

  • April 6: Call for nominations opens
  • April 27: Call for nominations closes
  • April 27–May 11: Slating Interviews with UXPA Elections Committee
  • May 13: Announcement of election slate
  • May 16: Voting opens
  • June 6: Voting closes
  • June 8: All slated candidates informed of results
  • July 1: Elected candidates are seated on the Board

Open Positions

  • Director of Web
  • Director of Finance/Treasurer-Secretary
  • Director of Marketing and Communications

Each of these positions are three year terms running from July 2022 to June of 2025.

How To Submit a Nomination

Interested candidates can nominate themselves, or another UXPA Member can nominate them.  To submit a nomination, please email the following information to

  • Your name, phone number, email, and current title and company
  • A brief candidate statement outlining your interest in one or more positions.  Please include details of prior volunteer and/or leadership experience.  Please also detail your UX work experience
  • A headshot, in PNG, JPG, or GIF format, 400×400 pixels.  Color photo is preferred
  • A signed Contract of Commitment

Slating Process

The Elections Committee is responsible for proposing a slate of candidates for each open position to the current Board of Directors.  Not all candidates who are nominated will be approved for the slate.  There are three phases of the slating process:

  • Membership Check: you must be a member of UXPA International as of April 27th in order to be considered
  • Credential Check: The elections committee will verify that you meet the other requirements, listed above, to be considered for candidacy
  • Committee Interview: The elections committee will schedule a short interview via Zoom to speak with each candidate about their interest in the position

Position Descriptions

Director of Web

The Director of Web is responsible for maintaining the organization’s presence on our main website Additionally, they may provide assistance to the teams that maintain our magazine and journal websites. The Director of Web works with other UXPA International Directors to understand their needs and leads a committee to assist in posting and maintaining content on behalf of those groups. They are also responsible for proactively suggesting enhancements to functionality and content to ensure we are providing the information that best represents and serves the organization and its members. The Director of Web will work with a contractor who does much of the coding. The Director will be responsible for managing and monitoring the contract work.

The ideal candidate will have experience designing and building websites with WordPress and have intermediate knowledge of CSS, HTML and PHP. Coding may be required in addition to normal upkeep and maintenance.

Director of Finance/Treasurer-Secretary

The Director of Finance is responsible for all financial activities of UXPA, including:

  • Ensuring timely payment of bills and invoices
  • Working with the bookkeeper to ensure accuracy of financial records, approving payments, and financial categorization direction
  • Working with the accountant on audits, tax returns, and other financial reviews
  • Timely income and expenses tracking
  • Working with the Board to prepare the annual budget
  • Provide financial statements and summaries as requested by the Board
  • Assisting with financial issues relating to the conference and other Board programs
  • Monitoring financial assets
  • Drafting policies related to financial concerns
  • Addressing other financial concerns as they arise

Candidates for the position of Director of Finance must be interested in managing the finances of a small organization and comfortable working with spreadsheets.  They should be familiar with standard accounting practices, be comfortable with QuickBooks  (or other accounting tools and willing to learn QuickBooks), and have experience managing finances for an organization.  Experience as a Treasurer for a professional association or other non-profit is a plus.

The Director of Finance also holds a seat on the UXPA International Executive Committee as Secretary-Treasurer.

Director of Marketing and Communications

Director of Marketing and Communications

The Director of Marketing and Communications is responsible for all UXPA International branding and communications, including:

  • Promoting UXPA International events (e.g., conference, webinars, short courses)
  • Creating and curating content for our monthly newsletter
  • Preparing and distributing the monthly newsletter
  • Managing UXPA International’s social media channels
  • Creating social media campaigns and enhancing UXPA International’s social media strategy
  • Optimizing curation and distribution of original content to UXPA International’s members
  • Working with our Director of Web to plan/create fresh and relevant content for our main organization’s site (
  • Working with the Board of Directors to evolve UXPA International’s brand strategy

The candidate for this role must have prior marketing experience.

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