User Experience magazine to be online-only from 2015

User Experience magazine has been in print since 2002.

In 2013, the editorial team did a fantastic job of putting it online, using a responsive, accessible design, at  This year, we decided to unlock the content so that the site is open to all. From 2015, we will move to an entirely digital format and the magazine will no longer appear in print.

I know that many UXPA members (myself included) will feel a twinge of regret at the decision, but there were two key factors:

1. Print is expensive and the magazine has become a significant cost for UXPA. With the new membership model, a relatively small number of members opted to pay the additional cost of the print version, and we were seeing diseconomies of scale (with a smaller print run meaning the cost per copy increased rapidly).

There are other costs: preparing the magazine for print adds significantly to the work of the volunteer editorial team (for example, ensuring articles fit on pages, adjusting layout, and occasionally bumping content.) We can save that effort and apply it to other tasks in the online version. That effort can be put to work, because...

2. Being online-only opens up many opportunities.

For example, we can move beyond being tied to 4 issues per year, to have new articles and new issues appear more often. We can more actively integrate and cross-reference the magazine content with other material (like JUS, the Journal of Usability Studies). 

We are absolutely committed to maintaining the very high quality of material published, and to making the magazine even better. The magazine already has a print-friendly style-sheet, but we can explore possibilities such as providing the ability for readers to print entire issues, or collections of articles on specific topics, either physically or to electronic publication format for offline reading.

Over the remainder of 2014, we’ll be taking the steps to transition fully to online-only.

We hope, and believe, that you -- the readers -- will enjoy the journey.

Most members who have opted in to the print edition will receive all 4 issues. There may be a small number of members who miss out on an issue - in such cases we’ll be contacting you directly and compensating you accordingly.

On a personal note I’d like to thank the entire editorial team who’ve embarked on this journey, for their considered response to the changing environment, and above all for the enthusiasm and optimism with which they are embracing the online medium and the opportunities that it presents. I am entirely confident that the magazine is in the best of hands.

- Gerry Gaffney, Director of Publications