Upcoming Education Opportunities with UXPA International

On March 29, UXPA International will present the webinar: Transitioning into UX from Academia. A panel of speakers will discuss their career trajectory, share their post graduate experiences, and making the transition from academia to UX. Join us at 12:00 PM EST. Registration is free!

Transitioning into UX from Academia

Beginning May 3, Ovetta Sampson will teach a three-part short course: Mastering Design Anthropology To Make Better AI Designs

The course will be broken down into three parts: 

1. Introduction to Design Anthropology 

2.  Intersectionality of AI and Design

3. Mastering Design Anthropology for Better AI

Each session will last sixty minutes and will be recorded so you may go back and review each session. 

Price: Students - $100; UXPA International Members - $400; Non-members - $700

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