Letter from the President

Greetings! For those who may not know, I am currently the President of UXPA International, following our former President, Jen Romano Bergstrom (so, clearly big shoes to fill!), who is now the Director of Marketing. I also serve as Director of Events, which means as we get closer to the date of our 2019 International Conference, this is my “busy season.”  

I have been on the UXPA International Board of Directors for many years, and prior to that I served as Chair to several conferences. I started out volunteering and it just grew, not unlike our organization in general.

I have had several people ask me, “Why UXPA? What makes this organization different from other UX organizations out there?” My answer remains consistent throughout the years.

It’s the content and networking, along with a fantastic sense of community.

We have a lot. Short on time? Join a webinar. Want to learn a little more in depth? Take a short course? Is independent reading your style – read JUS (Journal of Usability Studies) or our UX Magazine. I am really proud that we keep our content fresh, current, and engaging.

Want to ask other UX professionals questions? Great! We have a Facebook page and a Slack Channel for our members. Need a job? Check out our job board. Want some face to face time? Come to our annual International conference. This year, we will be in Scottsdale, AZ, June 25- 27 (sun, fun and UX!!). You will meet so many UX professionals while enjoying a jam-packed program!

In my opinion, this is the best part about our organization. Not only do we have a dedicated Board of Directors, that like me, have full time jobs and volunteer in their free time because they love the world of UX. We also have hundreds of members, novice to seasoned experts that live UX, constantly explore, and want progress, just like the field itself is always progressing. Serving on the Board has given me the opportunity to collaborate with some amazing people – and I love the fact that we are always improving ways to give our members useful tools they can use daily in their jobs or educational endeavors.

For those members reading this, please know we are focused on providing the best experience a UX organization has to offer. If you are not yet a member – please consider joining! I am excited for what lies ahead in the remaining months of 2019 and would love everyone to come along with us for this journey.

I hope to see everyone in Scottsdale in June!

Best Regards,

Sara Mastro

2019 UXPA International President and Director of Events