Letter from the President

By: Jennifer Romano Bergstrom
January, 2017

Happy new year! Yes, I know we are well into January, but I think I can still say it since I have not seen most of you in person yet (and if I say "Happy New Year" when I see you at the annual conference in June, please tell me to stop). 2016 was a very successful year for UXPA - thank you to all our members, volunteers and sponsors who made this happen. Thank you especially to the Board of Directors, who I like to call "Team Doers." It has been such a pleasure to work alongside you all, learning from each other, encouraging and motivating each other to get more things done for UX professionals and students, and having fun doing so! Thank you all for a wonderful 2016. I am looking forward to getting even more done in 2017!

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In 2016, we launched our monthly webinar program (sometimes more than one webinar a month), and we had amazing attendance. I am proud to announce that we will continue our monthly webinar program, and we are making it even better in 2017. We are kicking off the year with a webinar by Rajesh Kalidindi about Accessibility (this Friday!) Register here. This year, we will also bring you webinars in other languages! The first will be in Spanish on Feb 27. Stay tuned for more info and for upcoming webinars in other languages too!

We also plan on bringing more educational resources to UX professionals this year. We will try out a "short course" program, and results of the bi-annual UX Salary Survey will be published. At the annual UXPA conference, we will host a Student Design Competition. Speaking of students, we launched our first student chapter this month! This is really exciting for the organization, and we plan on working to get more student chapters up and running this year.

In 2017, you will also be hearing from the Board of Directors more. We want to be more transparent in our activities and organizational structure. Each month, a Director will share things that are going on and that they are working on. If you have questions, please reach out. Our goal is to be transparent and engage more with members.

Personally, I am also looking forward to many changes in 2017. My husband and I recently bought a house in Cold Spring, NY, and I will be transitioning from Facebook to Instagram in February. I will lead UX research for Instagram in emerging markets. I am looking forward to the shorter commute into the city (it used to be 2+ hours, not to mention that I spent much of 2016 traveling around the world), and I am looking forward to working alongside my team more often. In 2016, I co-authored a book, Usability Testing for Survey Research, and it will finally be published next month. I am also looking forward to attending more UX meetups in NYC. Have a favorite? Message me, and I will see you there!

Once again, happy new year. I am looking forward to accomplishing great things this year with you all. See you soon!

- Jen (UXPA International President)