How to Find Motivation? Check the Latest Issue of User Experience Magazine

Motivation and summer don’t mix.  Yet here we are (entering into the lazy summer-time days, in the northern hemisphere anyway), talking about motivation as it applies to the field of UX.  Issue 14.2 of the UXPA’s User Experience magazine tackles the subject of motivation from a number of angles:

  • Communication and design tips and tricks for inspiring motivation with nonprofits, from Blackbaud’s Lacy Kruger
  • Limiting user behavior to get better results, explored by Opower’s Ryan Devenish and David Royer
  • Borrowing from the field of the psychotherapy to define our UX roles – interesting parallels outlined by Anthro-Tech’s Lindsey Arnold
  • Motivating your team to create good web content – tips from Luke Chaput de Saintonge
  • Motivating employee with a UX career framework, by’s Ian Swinson
  • The right research method by the ABC’s: Attitude, Behavior and Comprehension, from David Rollert
  • Patterns that support flow and peace of mind, from POMIET’s Rob Keefer
  • Bridging the gap between designers and developers, by Felix Portnoy, Ricky Williams, Ryan Ward, Joe Devito
  • The KJ method for setting priorities, by Dana Chisnell
  • Designing in the browser for responsive design, by McKinsey & Company’s Ekta Srivastava

The issue also includes book reviews, the issue editor’s musing on motivation, and a sketchnote on pioneers of the Internet.

The content from this issue, as well as archives of previous issues (in case you’re not motivated to get to them right away), can be found at